I is for…..

Ivy, who has been removed because I want to use her for my Nano 2012 novel.

Sorry you missed it 😦

A-Z Challenge

Boy, I do feel sorry for poor Ivy, and I can definitely relate to how she feels. do you think if she gets a job it will boost her confidence and make her feel stronger?

Yesterdays prompt about arriving on a Saturday was very inspiring. I ended up writing 6 pages of a story set in the offices of a film agent. One of his clients is found dead in the lift! Lol. Today’s prompt is she lost all memory. I hope I’m as inspired today 😉

16 thoughts on “I is for…..

  1. I feel sorry for her too. Girl’s a mess and her husband sounds like a real jerk. You do a great job with this. This will be an awesome resource to draw from when you go to write stories. Are you thinking these up off the top of your head?


    • Thanks hon 🙂

      I’m thinking she needs to find her own life, some independence!

      Yep, all off the top of my head….but….*whispers* In my notebook I’m a couple of days ahead….at the beginning of the challenge I chose all the names, and although at the moment I don’t have a clue what Z will be like, I do know it’s a guy 😉 I write them in my notebook and it takes me longer to type them up on here than they did to think up lol



  2. Ivy needs a job, a hobby, or something that awakens her passion. I write a lot about people like Ivy – those who simply survive instead of live. They can’t see the choice they have to embrace life for all its worth. Great character!

    On a side note, your image of a Costa cafe makes me long for my stay in London last summer.


  3. Great character – I’d love to see Ivy meet an old friend in a cafe one day who by chance knows of a job going that would suit her perfectly. Within no time she is confident, going places and loving her new life….
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post
    Sandra 🙂


    • LMAO…..I knew you’d say that! 🙂

      I think she loves her family, her home and believe it or not, her husband too much to ever up sticks and leave. If she didn’t, she would have done it by now….what else would be holding her back, with a brother in the states?

      I don’t think she’s materialistic, just lonely and bored 🙂



  4. Great post. Ivy should either get a new job or a hobby to meet new people. Her husband sounds like a moron. Providing for your family doesn’t just mean earning money, there’s love and time to give as well. Hope you get plenty of ideas for taking Ivy’s tale further. She certainly needs an upturn in fortune.


  5. These character studies are just wonderful, and so convincing that initially I thought they were about real people! It’s the details that make them seem so real to me–the pink M & S slippers, and the cupid bow lips, as I imagine her smoking.
    I almost feel that I’ve met this woman somewhere, and I’m curious enough to read more about her. Tell me more! 🙂


    • Awwww, thanks Kirsten 🙂

      They’re not based on real people (I don’t even know 26 people lol) but a couple of people who know me have said they can see elements of my own life in some of them. I guess we do that subconsciously don’t we 😉

      Lol….I’m not sure yet whether Ivy will get her own story….I’m thinking of creating a daisy chain story with all 26 for Nano 2012….but, we’ll see 🙂



  6. What a sad story. I don’t think it’s love that keeps her from leaving. It is fear. She doesn’t know where she would go, what she would do, how she would support herself; so she remains in a loveless relationship to avoid facing her fears. The best thing she could do would be to run away and start over somewhere else. I hope you write this into a short story or novel. I’d love to know what happens.


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