New York New York

This is the piece that I wrote for the photo prompt I posted last Saturday 🙂

Stefano arrived in New York with 50 dollars in his pocket, a back pack and a small scrap of paper, on which his Mama had written his uncles address.

He soon found the restaurant, Casa Mia, along a road filled with Italian Deli’s, shops and Cafe’s. He pushed open the heavy oak door.

“Stefano!” An elderly man with white hair rushed towards him and enveloped him in a welcoming embrace.

“Uncle Roberto?”

“My boy, my boy, si, si.”

Stefano returned the hug and began to talk in Italian, but Roberto held up his hand.

“No Stefano, English, we is in America now.”

“Sorry uncle, you received Mama’s letter?”

“Yes, yes, please, sit.” Roberto put his arm around Stefano’s shoulders and guided him to a chair. As he sat down opposite he shook his head.

“Such a catastrophe, such a sad event that you should come here.”

Stefano hung his head, he could feel the tears pricking his eyes.

“Your father was a good man, yes? A good man for my sister.” He sighed. “But, this has brought you to me, yes? Your Mama says you can cook?”

“I…err…well, a little uncle.”

Roberto laughed. “Ahhhh…no more farming for you Stefano. Now, you come to America, be famous chef, yes?”

It was now Stefano’s turn to laugh. “We’ll see uncle, we’ll see.”

photo courtesy of Carlos Porto/freedigitalphotos

I have a bit of a thing about Italians, have you noticed? Lol 😉 Must be something to do with my Italian blood (my great grandparents were Italian Trapeze artists….how cool is that?).

Anyway, I like Stefano, I think this one could definitely end up a very happy story (that makes a change!!!!!!). I’m thinking Stefano turns out to be an excellent chef and really turns the restaurant around. But his cousin (Giovanni) is not happy (bit of conflict is always good)
and is worried that Roberto will hand the business over to Stefano (as he’s getting a bit too old to run the place). What actually happens in the end is anyone’s guess 😉

But, how did the dialogue seem? Any tips to getting across an Italian accent would be much appreciated 🙂

Edited to add commas as per Dianne’s suggestion – See below

I is for…..

Ivy, who has been removed because I want to use her for my Nano 2012 novel.

Sorry you missed it 😦

A-Z Challenge

Boy, I do feel sorry for poor Ivy, and I can definitely relate to how she feels. do you think if she gets a job it will boost her confidence and make her feel stronger?

Yesterdays prompt about arriving on a Saturday was very inspiring. I ended up writing 6 pages of a story set in the offices of a film agent. One of his clients is found dead in the lift! Lol. Today’s prompt is she lost all memory. I hope I’m as inspired today 😉