Who Are They?

To give my brain a rest on a Sunday, from now on, (ha bloody ha….like my brain will rest, I’ll probably spend most of the day thinking up blog posts for next week lol). Sundays will be photo sharing day. I take a lot of photos and most of them I use as writing prompts

So grab a pen, your notebook, and a coffee….and see what you can one up with for this?


Who are this couple? Why are they there? Do they live there? Work there?

What’s the story? I’d love to hear your ideas.

I’ll share my ideas tomorrow πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Who Are They?

  1. Maurk and Stalia had saved up for years to finally take a trip to England. They’d always dreamed of visiting this elegant palace and meeting the queen.
    Upon entering the palace, they are guided into the palace hall where the queen sat. She smiled pleasantly as they approached. Maurk and Stalia bowed slightly, and smiled.
    Maurk opened his mouth to speak, but before the words could escape his throat, the queen clutched her chest and her eyes widened. She looked at her gloved hand and stared at the crimson blood that soaked it.
    Maurk turned around to see a shadowy figure jump down from a low balcony and flee the palace.
    The queen was dead, and Maurk was the only one to see who had done it. Dare he pursue?


  2. The first thing I saw? Tourists going on a quiet Sunday afternoon walk. They come across an old abandoned building and out of curiosity go and explore. Once inside, they have been possessed by the spirits that occupy the building. One is kind, the other is evil. Enemies that have survived beyond the grave.


  3. The story that comes to mind for me isn’t about the couple. It’s about the thing watching them from one of the windows, hoping they’ll come inside.


  4. I think the woman was once in service at the big house and she is returning one last time with her husband to see how it’s changed since she was a girl. There will be tears as she ascends the main stair – as a servant she was only ever allowed to use the servants’ stair. Each room brings back memories of her time there – spoiled children, imperious employers, below stairs politics, a certain footman who had an eye for her…


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