Who Are They?

To give my brain a rest on a Sunday, from now on, (ha bloody ha….like my brain will rest, I’ll probably spend most of the day thinking up blog posts for next week lol). Sundays will be photo sharing day. I take a lot of photos and most of them I use as writing prompts

So grab a pen, your notebook, and a coffee….and see what you can one up with for this?


Who are this couple? Why are they there? Do they live there? Work there?

What’s the story? I’d love to hear your ideas.

I’ll share my ideas tomorrow 🙂

Disposable Memories

I’ve made a discovery!!!! I’m a huge fan of BookCrossing and now we have CameraCrossing arghhhhhh! Of course I’ve signed up! 🙂

I don’t know where I picked this up from (a fellow WordPress bloggers post I think) but I’m gunna pass it on.

The Disposable Memory Project is a global photography experiment.

Since April 2008, people have been leaving disposable cameras in public locations around the world. Each camera contains a message, inviting its finder to pick up the camera, take some photos and then pass it on. At the end of its journey, the camera is returned home, and they upload the photos to share with its followers.

In the three years since that first camera, people across the globe have taken part, either through finding an existing camera, or creating a new one to introduce into the project. They’ve visited over 75 countries, released over 410 cameras, and travelled over 500,000 miles – that’s to the moon and back.

Of those 410 cameras, they’ve had 30 return home, with amazing images, stories and journeys, all of which you can see on the web site.

The project is not commercial, doesn’t aim to make any money, and has no goal other than wanting to get cameras into as many hands as possible, in order to see what stories are captured on their film.

If you’d like to know more about the project, check out the existing cameras, or read the blog to see what has been happening recently.

Check out their Flickr page. I’m sure there are some great pics there to inspire a story or two 😉

So here’s my camera, all ready to go 🙂


And here it is starting its journey 🙂


My camera is number 455….you can see its location here.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Image Prompts

Being the visually inspired person that I am, I like to take photos, especially ones that can inspire me to write. The great thing about taking pictures to use in your writing is that, like the idea day, you can have a photo day.

I’ve been taking pictures for years (have over 6,000 on Flickr) and now, what with the iPhone365 project, I’m taking at least 1 photo a day. It wasn’t until I read Leslie Thomson’s A Kind Of Vanishing, where she talks about using photography (in the back of the book) in her stories, that I suddenly made the connection.

So here are a few photo’s that I think could inspire stories……

20120323-082556.jpg This is a pic of my grandparents back in the 1920’s.

20120323-082646.jpg Yes, that really is my foot lol.

20120323-082721.jpg My daughters two friends a few years ago.

20120323-082754.jpgGreenwich Maritime Museum.

20120323-082833.jpg The Orient Express (hubby’s 40th birthday treat).

Ooooo, the ideas are flowing lol. Now do you see why I never suffer from writers block? Lmao!!! And you’ll probably understand why I suffer from insomnia 😉

do you ever use photos/pictures to prompt stories? Successfully?

I managed Thursdays prompt about midnight, which turned into a story about a guy who leaves his wife and kids (mid life crisis) only to end up the envy of all his middle aged friends, but desperately miserable. Yesterdays prompt was swimming against the tide which I also turned into a mid life crisis story. This time, a 45 year old Dr who falls for a sickly 19 year old pregnant girl. Hmmmm, not sure where that’s going lol. Today’s prompt is write about an ending. Oh gawd, it’s all doom and gloom at the moment 😉