The New Zealander

Last weekend I went up to the Tate Modern which is probably my favourite gallery, as I’m a huge fan of modern art 🙂

As if the art work inside isn’t enough, there is also art outside. Martin Karlsson has a display of drawings outside to enhance the building work that is going on there. I find his work fascinating and soooo inspirational for stories (I will post some more in the coming weeks).

So today’s photo is “The New Zealander” by Karlsson.


So what is the New Zealander doing in a London Cemetery, so far from home?

Can’t wait to hear your ideas, and of course, I have my own theories that I’ll share tomorrow 🙂

10 thoughts on “The New Zealander

  1. He has finally found the love of his life that had been stripped from him, so many years ago by sex traders. He vowed to her that her would never stop looking for her if it meant traveling to the ends of the earth. Today was that day as he stood and wept.


  2. He’s an NZ TV star who, being desperate for any airtime he can get due to a painfully expensive divorce, is taking part in their version of ‘WHo Do You Think You Are?’ and has just discovered that he has a long lost great grandfather who was a millionaire industrialist during the latter stages of the Industrial Revolution here in Blighty. He’s wondering where his share of all that inherited wealth has gone…


  3. He’s reaching in his coat pocket to pull out a cig and think about the date he has that night. He just met what he believes is the woman of his dreams at a pub he stopped at on the way home the previous evening from visiting his children and wicked, mean ex-wife. HA! That was fun.

    I’ve been to the Guggenheim in NYC and we keep intending to go to MOMA and the Met, just haven’t gotten around to it. Loved this prompt, BTW.

    Did you see I got Freshly-Pressed??? Exciting, so exciting. :).


  4. Beautiful drawing! 🙂

    The Tate is one of my favorite places. I’ve only recently found myself drawn to modern art. It all started when I had to do some research for a lesson I wanted to teach. After poking around in the inspiration that inspired modern artists, I found the work to be incredible displays of expression. 🙂


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