Breakfast or Lunch?

Today’s picture is another drawing by Martin Karlsson, currently on display outside The Tate Modern. I’m not sure what this one is called, sorry, but I love it. He’s caught the action so well 🙂


As I’m a huge fan of characters, rather than do a story for this one I’m going to do 2 characterisations….will share tomorrow 🙂

What story would you come up with for this pair? Would love to hear your ideas!

The New Zealander

Last weekend I went up to the Tate Modern which is probably my favourite gallery, as I’m a huge fan of modern art 🙂

As if the art work inside isn’t enough, there is also art outside. Martin Karlsson has a display of drawings outside to enhance the building work that is going on there. I find his work fascinating and soooo inspirational for stories (I will post some more in the coming weeks).

So today’s photo is “The New Zealander” by Karlsson.


So what is the New Zealander doing in a London Cemetery, so far from home?

Can’t wait to hear your ideas, and of course, I have my own theories that I’ll share tomorrow 🙂