Breakfast or Lunch?

Today’s picture is another drawing by Martin Karlsson, currently on display outside The Tate Modern. I’m not sure what this one is called, sorry, but I love it. He’s caught the action so well 🙂


As I’m a huge fan of characters, rather than do a story for this one I’m going to do 2 characterisations….will share tomorrow 🙂

What story would you come up with for this pair? Would love to hear your ideas!

28 thoughts on “Breakfast or Lunch?

  1. Hmmm…..ok. A young couple just starting out together. She’s wondering how his job search is going. She doesn’t realise that there aren’t any job searches. But why does he leave the house everyday? The way he is sitting tells me he’s dishonest about the relationship while she is completely trusting of him. Her heart is about to be broken but not in the traditional sense.


  2. I think she’s asking him what does he want to do for the weekend. You want to go to the mountains and go for a hike or do you want to take in that concert in the park? Don’t know why, but that’s what I see.


  3. They look like they’ve had a rough go lately. Recently married, on hard times. He’s the sole income. Bitterness hangs around her head because she expected things to be different. That’s whet he promised at least.


  4. She’s looking at him wondering why he want’s to put egg in his beer.and mix it with his Cheerios, Is he for real she’s holding the spoon she must want to try another bite. Cool Vikki


  5. I think that he works down the mines, it’s 3am and his sister always gets up with him as she worries that it is the last time she will see her brother.


  6. The first detail that struck me is that she is barefoot; he’s not. She’s also sitting as though she’s only half-interested in the time together. Almost too casually, I guess. Maybe they live on a beach and he’s come home for a quick lunch–she was outside collecting shells and is slightly annoyed he interrupted her alone time.


  7. While I don’t have an actual story to write for this one, I think it’s interesting that she is looking at him while he is looking down. I see this one of two ways.
    1) He’s in trouble.
    2) He’s nervous because he’s about to propose.


  8. Hmmm, I’d go for something romantic, maybe with some fun but silly conversation. Love that she’s barefoot, and they’re both kinda leaning their head toward each other while they eat. And there’s wine on the table, so they’ve gotta be having a good time.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with them. 😛


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