Wellll…. I’M BACK 🙂 At home that is. I had a lovely week away, and my sincere apologies for not keeping on top of all your posts, I tried my best, but did a lot of “liking” and not much commenting lol

Normal service will now be resumed….So here’s a strange prompt for you……


Hmmmmm, I’m finding this one hard because I know exactly who’s feet they are and it’s clouding my brain lol.

Look forward to hearing your ideas 🙂 I’ll post mine on Tuesday 🙂

11 thoughts on “Feet!

  1. I can’t get past the fact that I love the converse sneakers on the left. They are the only shoes I wear because they go with everything. I even wear them to work (where they’ve become my trademark).

    Perhaps these are two friends standing face to face in such close proximity because they are sharing a double-decker ice cream on the verge of melting if they don’t eat it fast enough. 🙂


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