This Weeks To Do List 25th to 1st

Notice the small change in wording above? Lol

Ok, so this week will mainly involve laundry *snigger* Actually, it wasn’t bad when I got home, my daughter had done a few batches, although, I haven’t seen anything belonging to the 2 boys, so no doubt, theirs will arrive today *slump*

Is it just me or are there a couple of days when you return from holiday when you struggle to get back into the swing?

So, back to business πŸ™‚

The Things I Want To Achieve This Week

Do my homework (a character sketch of a Hero) for Sally Quilford’s Pocket Novel Course.

Tidy my work space. I now have 5 piles 😦 (I bought some books on holiday, and brought home lots of leaflets, maps, receipts etc, so they all need sorting).

Sort out the blog awards & memes I received and was tagged with over the last 2 weeks.

Upload all my photos to Flickr (I did manage to transfer them all to the Netbook yesterday).

Decide what to do with the WIP (But Not Forgotten).

The WIP was discussed with hubby during the holiday, even to the point where I was considering just throwing it away and starting again (something hubby disagreed with). It’s driving me potty!!!! Ooooo, I tell you, have I learnt a valuable lesson or what! Lol…. NEVER EVER again, will I NOT finish a manuscript lol. So I really need some motivation to sit down and work on that bloody ending….the problem is, I’ve been captivated……

One of the places we visited in Jersey was The War Tunnels (I’ll do a more in depth post later this week). As you enter, they give you an ID card and as you leave, you find out what happened to that person. I was given the card of Louisa May Gould.


At the end of our visit I discovered that Louisa was arrested and sent to a concentration camp for hiding a Russian slave worker and having a radio. The first coincidence was the year she was born. My house was built in 1891 (those who know me in real life know i have a fascination with the Victorian period) and the second was that the concentration camp she was sent to was opened on my Birthday, May 15th. Only tiny coincidences I know, but, it kind of made me feel some kind of connection with her. I bought a couple of books which have chapters that tell her story more in depth, and now I’m fascinated. No, fascinated is probably the wrong word, I dunno, it’s like it’s grabbed me and it’s going round and round in my head. It’s all I’ve thought about all week. I even ended up turning a couple of my daily prompts into stories that were connected to the German Occupation of Jersey.

Sooooo, is this my opportunity to write the historical novel I keep saying I’d like to try? Is this why I’m now hating on my WIP? I know if I wrote her story (or my own take on it) there would need to be a hell of a lot of research *gulp*

But why can’t I get this woman and her story out of my head? 😦

38 thoughts on “This Weeks To Do List 25th to 1st

  1. I have two thought on this post. One, if something is in your head that much the only way to get it out is to committ and write it. So, I guess your next novel will be a historical novel. Cool. Two, I am one of those people who tend to start things and not finish them or if I do finish it is half a– work. I would write down what would finishing it do for you. Is it still something you hope to publish? Meaning believing in the project to do all the stuff to reach that goal or if you finish it, will it still not see the light of day.


    • You are totally right, but, I’d already planned my next novel, oh hell lol

      Thanks hon, yeah, I’m beginning to think that I’m the same. I love coming up with the idea, I love writing it, initially, but then I kind of fizzle out lol.

      Thanks, will try that πŸ™‚



  2. We went to a titanic exhibit in Vegas a couple of years ago, which had some retrieved parts on show. They did a similar thing where you were given a ticket with a passenger name and a bit of history of the person. Later on you could see if you were a survivor or not, and what happened if you survived.

    Anyhoo, I would add to your list, taking sown some story notes and get the spine of the story, if you feel so strongly about it now. That way even if you are not able to do anything about it right now, you have the notes to go back to and you should not forget anything.


  3. I have piles of laundry and I haven’t even been anywhere! As far as your WIP is concerned, try picking the pieces that would have the most benefit to you if you do them or the worst consequences if you don’t (if that makes sense).
    Welcome back Vikki – sounds like you had an interesting time πŸ™‚


  4. I didn’t have an ending for the first draft of WIP and I ABSOLUTELY HATED my WIP for months before I started faling in love with it again. I think once you tear it apart and figure out what you want it to be, things get better and you might not hate it as much.


  5. Get on with it woman! Then you’ll be able to get on with everything else! So what’s stopping you? genuinely stuck or like me, unable to actually finish anything? If you want a fresh pair of eyes, you know where I am. Just go with an ending, then if you don’t like it write another – you know those TV shows where they film several endings so even the cast don’t know? Remember, Douglas Adams wrote Hitchhikers Guide for different media – radio, TV, film – and changed it every time lol – he’s my hero. Favourite quote – I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go past.


  6. Like you I came back from Jersey inspired by the island, & the historical aspects of it. We had two cards from our visit to the War Tunnels. The fate of one individual is known, the other is not, but a little research & I can see a way forward. They have a story that really should be told.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your trip & what books you bought!


  7. I just love doing research … I’ve got piles of it for the novel ‘I’m going to write’! [and a couple of chapters]. Do what you really really want to do.


  8. Maybe put WIP on back burner and start research on your new idea while you are fired up for it maybe once you start the research you will get a better idea of where you want to take this current chain of thought. I do not think at this time there is any point trying yourself to work on your WIP if you are really disliking it so much maybe having a break and going back to it at a later date will put it in perspective but do not bin it completely


  9. I can’t imagine embarking on a historical novel, but alas, I am suffering from the same thing as you, trying to finish the dad-blasted*)@#!! novel I began long ago. sigh. I like the to-do list thing you’ve got going here….especially when it comes to writing. Got an idea perking myself about that. Maybe I’ll blog about it. :).


    • I never thought I would even be tempted to do historical Brigitte, but…..I’ll try anything once me πŸ˜‰

      You kind of wear yourself out don’t you, to the point where you’re just sick of it, well, that’s where I’m at now lol

      Thanks honey, yeah, I think a to do list is better than a goals list lol

      Oooooo, go on, share πŸ™‚


  10. I’m like that with pbs. Making no improvements in general over a long time andall I want to do is write poetry so… I say go with what excites you the most and you can always come back to the other one. Fascinating history btw.


  11. Oh, yes, it took me a week to really catch up with everything after I was away. So go easy on yourself!
    Honestly, I think it’s important to finish what one starts. That’s not to say you can’t do some research on your next story, but what you learn by sticking with the one you have, (and one you will certainly fall in love with once you take another wack at it!) will help you in your next one.
    I’m looking forward to reading about both of them. πŸ™‚


  12. One of the first books that inspired me to be a writer was North and South by John Jakes, an historical novel about the Civil War. I would love to write an historical novel, I think that would be fascinating–it’s the research that would be hard to do at this point in my life. I say, if you are feeling the passion for writing an historical novel, then you need to feed the animal NOW. πŸ™‚


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