To Do List – 2nd to 8th July

Well, I’m liking this whole “to do list” thing I’ve got going on, much better than “goals” lol.

I did ok this week, well, kinda lol

Do my homework (a character sketch of a Hero) for Sally Quilford’s Pocket Novel Course. Yep, did that 🙂

Tidy my work space. I now have 5 piles Ummm, sort of, I’ve got it back to 3 piles, but it still needs going through lol

Sort out the blog awards & memes I received and was tagged with over the last 2 weeks. Done that, although the Meme posts have been done and in my draft folder. I’ve just got to find a free day to post them, I have so much to say about other stuff lol

Upload all my photos to Flickr Ah, now, this didn’t get done 😦 But only coz I was out all day Saturday at a workshop (will tell you all when I get a chance lol).

Decide what to do with the WIP (But Not Forgotten). Hmmmm, yeah, I have made a decision, but you’ll have to wait til Wednesday to find out what 🙂

I’ve got a fairly free week coming up…. Tomorrow I’m having a skin tag removed (yuk yuk yuk), then Wednesday is Insecure Writers Support Group Day (where I will definitely be talking about the WIP) and that’s really all I have in my diary, apart from writing class 🙂

Soooooo, my “to do” list for this coming week is……

Read through my WIP with the idea of making notes on the ending lol

Tidy my workspace, I mean really tidy it lol

Do my home work for the Pocket Novel course

Upload all my pics to Flickr

Read at least 1 book this week I’m fed up not reading. It’s ridiculous!


There, that’s not too bad is it? 😉

I’ve also decided to start taking part in Six Sentence Sundays so my picture prompt will move to Saturdays from now on 🙂

What are your plans for the week?

22 thoughts on “To Do List – 2nd to 8th July

  1. what is it with this summer – I am having trouble settlling down with a book and I love to read – maybe it is the heat, though with AC that should not matter – am thinking of doing a to do list and posting it to see if I will actually do the stuff on it because I posted it – am trying to find a theme to post on for 30 days or so – enjoying your blog and keeping track of your to do list


  2. Finish editing my short story for submission by Wednesday and finish/start a few books in my reading pile. I have to work a few nights so I don’t have time for much later in the week.


  3. I become fed up if too much time passes and I haven’t read. I understand the feeling! It is great you set the to do list for yourself. Sometimes I write mine down and sometimes I don’t. I am preparing a few scholarship essays and prose for writing contests and scholarships so I can maybe has a shot as money for grad school.


  4. Like the “to do list” very much. I used to jot things down all over the place and never get anything done lol now i keep something similar in a cheap lined notebook that I replace once filled up. Once completing the book i go through it with highlighter for things i have not finished and add them to the top the first page of the next book. Alot of my “things to do” go hand in hand with ideas that crop up (sometimes in sketch form) and dating them all keeps me current and less likely to forget. (which i used to do often lol). I may nick your idea to have printed sheets to fill in now that i’ve seen it and add it to my system. Many thanks for a good idea.


  5. I’m going to at least make a list of places to submit my work to and what pieces I want to submit. It will be a busy week for me with my less than part time job but then I will have next to no work days for three weeks after. I’m also going to try to do at least a couple of blog posts on both my blogs.


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