Six Sentence Sunday 29th July

I missed Six Sentence last week because I was in Caerleon, sooooo, here is this weeks offering 🙂

Sam ran his fingertip across Ruby’s shoulder. Her skin tingled, the goosebumps spreading down her arm.

He leaned forwards and Ruby closed her eyes, expecting to feel his soft lips press against her own. Instead, she felt his hot breath on her cheek and his hand rest on her knee.

“Stay with me tonight?” He whispered.

Ruby’s heart fluttered as Sam’s hand moved up to her thigh.

I’m trying my hand at romance, so blame Kate Walker 😉

19 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 29th July

    • He he he, not sure yet V….I have so many snippets I write down 😉

      But, Ruby and Sam are 2 characters from my old WIP ” But Not Forgotten” so I might use them for something else, I have a soft spot for them 😉



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