The To Do List 30th July to 5th August

It was really weird not having a “To Do List” last week, but, being at Caerleon meant that I had other things to think about πŸ˜‰

So this weeks list is:

1. Sort out the piles of stuff on my table. It’s an absolute mess now that I’ve spread out all the stuff I brought back from Caerleon lol

2. Go through my Caerleon notes. I made lots of notes in Kate Walkers class, so I need to go through them, see if they actually make sense and follow up on some of the authors she recommended.

3. Read for at least 1 hour every day. I really need to stick to this.

4. Catch up with my prompts. I’m a couple of days behind, mainly because I’m not feeling too great (the whole feet thing is getting me down).

5. Sort out a short story to send to Linda Lewis and send it. Linda is doing a critique for me at Swanwick next month.

6. Catch up with Blogs. Ummmm, I’ve fallen a bit behind 😦

7. Write my door piece. lol πŸ˜‰


Hmmmmm….there’s quite a few bits there, but all achievable I think πŸ™‚ Nothing too strenuous, as I’m off to the quacks this morning to see what he can do about my poor little big feet and ankles. I’ve been putting my feet up as much as possible over the weekend but it’s not made any difference 😦

What are your plans for the week?

30 thoughts on “The To Do List 30th July to 5th August

  1. Tomorrow is my birthday so first order of business is beers and wings! After that i have no real plans. I need to edit, but when don’t I? I must have missed what was wrong with your feet, but I hope it clears up and and feel better soon.


    • Your birthday??????

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY CC have a lovely day πŸ™‚

      Oh, don’t worry, I’ve been moaning about my feet, the 6 mosquito bites I received, made them swell up, right up to my ankles. It’s been really painful and I can hardly walk lol. I feel like an old woman 😦

      Thanks hon, and good luck with the editing πŸ™‚



  2. Hope you get your feet sorted – although having to sit with them up might actually be better for getting writing done!
    I need to get myself organised again. Not that I was terribly organised before, but lately I’ve got far worse in that respect.


  3. I love the fact that you manage to get a “To Do List” together every week. I do wish I could be as organised lol. Hope the doctor can sort out your feet / ankles quickly xx


  4. My first thing would be to actually write a to-do list! Yours is very admirable, Vicky. Get those feet sorted first though! x


  5. Hello Ma’m,
    Just curious. Do you make To-Do lists every week ? I mean does it help ? Theoretically it should but I do not know if it really works… this might be one thing that I can try in the month of August, so any feedback will be appreciated πŸ™‚


  6. I misread point 1 at first and thought it said “I have to sort out the pies on my table”. I was going to ask what sort of pies?

    I like the hour a day reading idea.


  7. Hopefully I can get started on a story I keep saying I want to write, but somehow I can’t get started. I always let something else take over.

    Good luck on your list!


  8. It sounds like you have a busy but manageable (and fulfilling!) week ahead of you! Good luck with all your work πŸ™‚

    I’ve got to type up and edit my manuscript, get it printed and mailed out to my readers by the 10th plus I have 2 job interviews and have to apartment hunt for Sept. 1st. Want to trade schedules? *wink*

    I hope you’re having a lovely August so far!


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