29 thoughts on “The Powder Room

  1. At a firm I used to work for, we had a couple of social events / xmas parties at the Grand Hotel. Even stayed there on one occasion. Got to like Brighton.

    The prompt does seem a bit “Murder mystery”.


  2. The powder room dates back to the early 18th century, when it was a small room where people went to have their wigs re-powdered. In Victorian times, Ladies didnโ€™t speak of bodily functions, especially in the company of men. If they wanted to go to the toilet they would say they were going to โ€œpowder their noses.โ€ Today itโ€™s the downstairs loo, with a hand basin to wash your hands.


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  4. Of all the euphemisms, “powder room” takes the cake. In today’s vernacular, powdering one’s nose does not refer to make-up. Does one rest in a “rest room”? Or bathe in a “bath room”? I’d love an honest sign like “crapper”, “excrement facility”, or a simple “potty room”.
    And why is it called “the head” on a boat?

    Look what your post did to me. I’m in a poopy state of mind.


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