29 thoughts on “The Powder Room

  1. At a firm I used to work for, we had a couple of social events / xmas parties at the Grand Hotel. Even stayed there on one occasion. Got to like Brighton.

    The prompt does seem a bit “Murder mystery”.


  2. The powder room dates back to the early 18th century, when it was a small room where people went to have their wigs re-powdered. In Victorian times, Ladies didn’t speak of bodily functions, especially in the company of men. If they wanted to go to the toilet they would say they were going to “powder their noses.” Today it’s the downstairs loo, with a hand basin to wash your hands.


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  4. Of all the euphemisms, “powder room” takes the cake. In today’s vernacular, powdering one’s nose does not refer to make-up. Does one rest in a “rest room”? Or bathe in a “bath room”? I’d love an honest sign like “crapper”, “excrement facility”, or a simple “potty room”.
    And why is it called “the head” on a boat?

    Look what your post did to me. I’m in a poopy state of mind.


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