Six Sentence Sunday 5th August

This weeks offering…..

“Dad, can we go to the park today Dad?”

“Tommy, please, just let me finish this work, we’ll go later.”

I watched my son as he pouted and stomped out of the room, slamming his feet down on the polished oak floor as heavy as he could.

Don’t listen to anyone who says working from home is better than being stuck in a depressing, grey office. Give me fabric covered partitions and queuing at the coffee machine any day, especially during school holidays.

I pick up my pen and continue writing my report.

Ahhhh, poor Tommy. Something tells me he’s not gunna get to the park today 😉 I don’t envy parents who work from home when the school holidays come round. It must be a nightmare!

18 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 5th August

  1. I neither have a son nor a job to disappoint him, but when the time comes, I would like to give the kid his share of time 🙂 But maybe that is what every father wants to , but is constrained by official… lets say…. strings 😦 I am going to have to come back and ask you how to manage this 🙂


    • Thanks Tatsat 🙂

      I think it must be so hard when you work from home and have deadlines for your work. If you don’t meet those deadlines, you don’t get paid, and if you don’t get paid you can’t pay the bills…..tricky one 😦



  2. I worked from home as a medical editor while the kids were young, and it worked out well for the most part. I did take them to pre-school, and then school, and worked around the hours they were gone. Then I could focus on them when they were home. It IS doable.


  3. It is hard working from home during the holidays but I think (hope) I have a good balance. I get up before 6 to work, work whilst they eat breakfast & watch tv and then by 9/10am at latest, I’m usually done (or at least have completed a large portion of what I need to do) and am ready to entertain them for the day. It doesn’t always work and there’s probably a bit too much reliance on tv at times, but if I don’t work, we can’t do a lot of the stuff they want to do anyway.


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