Introducing The Heroine

As most of you know (those who have been following me for a while now) I have a thing about characters lol. I do a lot of character sketches. It goes back to my childhood, playing with dolls and dolls houses. I just love making up life stories for people 🙂

Sooooo, back in June I embarked on a Pocket Novel course, and my first step was to come up with a heroine. Please let me introduce you to Kate, the heroine of our story……

Kate has just turned 30. She has shoulder length chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes. A size 12/14 but constantly battling with her weight, she has a mole on her cheek and pale skin that easily burns. Most at home in jeans which she wears with pumps, she can be “girly” when required and enjoys dressing up for nights out with her girlfriend.

Single, she is still looking for Mr Right, but finds it hard to trust men after being hurt badly by an ex (who cheated on her). She works as a secretary in a large office in town (which bores her rigid) and at the weekends enjoys long walks with her dog. She lives with her dog Buster in a large Victorian house that has been converted into flats. Whilst she’s at work, the lady below, Mrs Peel has Buster.

Kind and thoughtful, she loves animals and has volunteered at the local Shelter. She bites her nails and suffers from confidence issues. An only child to divorced parents she has a good relationship with her mum. She rarely sees her dad, especially now he has a new girlfriend who is her age. She has a best friend Francesca, who she’s known since school, they work in the same company.

During her parents bitter divorce she spent a lot of time with her grandparents. Sadly her grandfather is now dead but she visits her grandmother every week without fail, in the sheltered housing accommodation she now lives in. Her hobbies are reading (mainly romance) and dancing. She likes to go to the local clubs on a Saturday night and goes to Salsa dancing classes when she can be bothered. Her gym membership is rarely used.

Often described as stubborn, she can be reluctant to change her mind after she’s made a decision about something, or assumption about someone. She dreams of one day having a husband who dotes on her and 2 children. She loves children and is beginning to worry that this may never happen.

So that’s Kate. I need her to be likeable, sooooo dear reader Do you like her? and is there anything else you’d like to know about her?

28 thoughts on “Introducing The Heroine

  1. Yes, I do like her. I was going to remark on her dad dating a woman her age, but I’m pretty sure my mom wasn’t much older than my half-siblings when my parents got married.


  2. I had a friend from school who I sort of became not really friends with, after he became annoying. A year or two afterwards, his mother split up with his father, and got together with a lad his age. I thought it was brilliantly funny. A parent with a partner your age, can bring a lot with it.


  3. I like her. Is she an introvert? I get the impression that she’s a bit of a homebody. What’s her home like? I see antique lamps, a flat with character and a fireplace, 12-foot ceilings, etc. What’s her track record with dating? Is she picky or is she gun-shy now since her ex? Is there someone in her life who wants to be more than an office friend?

    There are so many questions! I want to sit down with her and learn more about her.


  4. I like her, I don’t see her doing salsa classes, trying them and stopping them maybe as salsa requires quite a bit of confidence, maybe the salsa is her secret self you know like when your at home after you watch strictly and are convinced you look fabulous twirling round the room till you catch sight of yourself in the mirror lol


  5. For the most part I like her. Does she have any close friends? Personal opinion but I don’t like that she’s in a job she’s bored rigid with and not willing to change her mind just based on an assumption. Why doesn’t she change jobs or do something she’s passionate about to earn money? Just thinking aloud, not criticizing. Sounds good and love all your detail about her.


  6. I like her a lot, mainly because there is a lot of room for her to grow in a story. My favorite characters are those who find a way to move past pain and deserve a little happiness. 🙂


  7. I like her, it sounds like she has some ‘growing’ to do, which is always interesting to watch in a character. Why has she broken off with her father? Perhaps Kate can’t accept that her father is making himself a life, doing what he wants to, whilst she feels trapped being a ‘good girl’ (visiting her granny, keeping a job she hates, etc)?


  8. Stubborn to change assumptions about someone–how very Elizabeth Bennet. Why not put that cliche on it’s head and have her assumptions be correct? Who will she defend against an assumed reputation? To what lengths will she go? Would she marry a man to defend his honour? There’s another cliche on its head. Fodder alert!


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