Day of Rest? – Swanwick Day Two

Ha ha ha, yeah right 😉

Up and ready to go at 7am yesterday morning, but it did give me the opportunity to do some writing on a bench outside in the morning sunshine 🙂

After breakfast it was off to my first course, which was Characterisation with Steve Hartley (the children’s author who was the speaker last night). A great session where Steve told us all about the Behaviour Model which is based on Carl Jung. If you follow the system it helps you focus on keeping your characters behaviour consistent throughout your novel. Very useful!!!!
I know this photo is gunna look really confusing but you need to know the whole system for it to make any sense.

After tea on the lawn it was off to the Short Story writing class with Linda Lewis who was as amusing and interesting as ever 🙂

I had my one to one with Linda where she critiqued a short story for me. She pointed out where I was going wrong and we discussed my thoughts about giving up short story writing. She’s given me a lot to think about, so I’ll wait til I get home before I make a decision and look into some of the advice Linda gave me.

After a roast beef lunch it was off to Show and Tell with Roz Southey which was an excellent workshop, but, I think I came out even more confused than when I went in! Lol. For me, it’s one of the hardest parts of writing 😦

In the evening, our speaker was Stephen Leo Davis the author and screenwriter. A very interesting man who told us about his experiences of writing for the TV and the film industry over the last 38 years. Two things he said that I took away from the talk….

1. There are no professional tips (ie shortcuts)
2. Learn how to control the fear of failure


My evening was rounded off by watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics in the bar


Do you struggle with show and tell or is it just me? 😉

And now…..I need sleep lol

17 thoughts on “Day of Rest? – Swanwick Day Two

  1. I’m not on good terms with show don’t tell though I try my darndest to be more aware of it. It just seems to frustrate to no end. No amount of effort on my part seems to make it any easier though. I wonder if you just have to have a certain brain type to make it work. I lack that ability apparently.


    • I don’t think any of us lack the ability honey, I think if you’re the kind of reader who doesn’t mind it, or like me, doesn’t notice it, then it makes it difficult to write like that. When I get home I’ll do a post on it as Roz did give us some examples which I DID get lol



  2. I have to say that I hate Show and Tell !!! having to stand in front of everyone and tell them something scares me lol so your very brave to put yourself in that position 🙂


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