Home Again Home Again Jiggety-jig

Awwwww, it was sad this morning, leaving Swanwick 😦

I had a great week, lovely to see people, but this morning, I didn’t get chance to say goodbye to everyone I wanted to. I’m so sorry if i didn’t, but hey, perhaps I’ll see you on Twitter πŸ™‚

The journey home wasn’t too bad, only 1 small hold up. The house was really quiet when I got in, although the cats were pleased to see me πŸ™‚


Soooooo, now, I’m gunna need a few days for everything to sink in, go through my notes, and have a think about what direction I want to go in next. Make a decision on what kind of writer i really want to be. I feel like I’ve been bombarded with information (all of it good) and my head is swimming lol.

Sooooo, normal service will resume here on Sunday πŸ™‚

In the mean time, i will be catching up with e mails, blogs, and comments….and perhaps, doing a few Tweets lol

16 thoughts on “Home Again Home Again Jiggety-jig

  1. I am surprised to hear that you’re going back to regularly scheduled programming by Sunday. I would have thought you would need some kind of a break; either to relax and think over your thoughts, or to read over and sort out your notes. β€” Either way, I’m glad to hear that you’ve made it back home safely and enjoyed your trip overall. Whew. I need something to drink after such a journey with you.


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