Six Sentence Sunday 19th August

I managed to keep up to date with my prompts during Swanwick. The following sentences are from a piece I wrote whilst I was there 🙂

The morning sun was beginning to rise as Sam made her way down to the lake behind the hotel. The shadows from the trees fell onto the still water, and gave the lake an eerie feel. Sam shivered as she sat down on a bench and watched a solitary duck glide silently through the murky water.

She felt sleepy, the tablets had begun to work. She knew she had to time it perfectly, or for the second time, she would fail. She waited, listening, to make sure there would be no one around to rescue her.

Oh dear, very depressing….well, you know what prompted this don’t you lol…..


17 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 19th August

  1. This brings up so many good questions–the kind that make me want to read on! Why is Sam at a hotel? What happened the first time she tried?
    And I love how the description foreshadows Sam’s dark plan.


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