Introducing The Hero

Following on from the previous post, all heroines need a hero 🙂

My hero is called Harry. He is in his early 30’s with dark brown hair, which is almost black and green eyes. His hair is short at the sides with a floppy fringe that he regularly pushes back. His skin is Meditteranean in appearance. He is 6 foot tall, of athletic build, with long elegant fingers and well manicured nails.

Single, he spent his 20’s backpacking around the world and came back to settle down and have a family. Successful, he owns his own photography business. He works hard and in his spare time plays squash and enjoys attending the theatre and opera’s. He has a love of art and is attracted to beautiful things.

He lives with his younger brother Daniel, who is 10. Their parents were killed in a tragic car crash 18 months ago and Harry became the boys guardian. They live in a large house overlooking the river. He wears his mothers wedding ring on the 3rd finger of his right hand.

With a good head for business he is strong willed and determined. Often perceived as arrogant, he has a caring gentle side, that only those he allows to get close enough, see. He finds it hard to open up to people. His father was more interested in his career as a University Professor than he was in their sons, but Harry was close to his mother. His misses her terribly.

So that’s Harry 🙂 Does he make a convincing hero?

27 thoughts on “Introducing The Hero

  1. He does sound lovely–almost too lovely. What are his internal/external conflicts? I’d move his mother’s ring to his pinky finger–otherwise his hands would be rather small for a man–possibly too small? Unless he had it re-sized, then problem solved. He brother is 20-some years younger–so how old was his mom when she had them–20 and 43? Those numbers suggest some hanky-panky to me–especially with such a husband. Is that his big secret? He knows his brother is his half-brother? Maybe only his mother was killed and he’s got to protect his brother from his father? And how does he feel about suddenly being a parent? Curious minds want to know.


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