I Like…..

No “fiction” post today, as I didn’t post a prompt pic on Saturday.

When Ayesha Schroeder’s blog post hit my inbox recently I was feeling a bit glum lol. Now don’t ask me why, just, I dunno, a bit bleugh if you know what I mean.

Was it because I still have no WIP?

Was it because I can’t seem to focus?

Orrrrrr….was it because the dieting was a complete nightmare? *slumps and reaches for the chocolate*

I dunno, but reading Ayesha’s post made me smile, big time and I am happy to take up the request to follow her lead. That got me thinking. Could I write a book that includes all of my favourite things? Wouldn’t that be cool 🙂 So my list is things I like, that I’d love to incorporate into one of my novels.

I Like…..

Ghost Story type films
Freshly laundered sheets
Beaches Snap Ayesha

Cats Snap again lol

(my 2 babies always keep me company when I’m writing)
Christmas, Birthdays, Mothers Day, Valentines Day…..any special event really lol
Eating Out in fancy restaurants
Visiting art galleries and museums
Curling up on the sofa with a latte and a good book
Romantic gestures

The smell the rain leaves when it falls on a summer day
The feel of grass on my bare feet
Flicking through old notebooks

(A page from one of my old journals, including a pic of me when I was 14 lol)
A cool breeze on a hot day
Soft fluffy slippers

Soooo, how am I going to incorporate all that into a novel? Lol….yeah, perhaps not *goes off to make notes*

So….What do you like? 🙂

16 thoughts on “I Like…..

  1. Aww. Funny how you were feeling glum when you read my post. I was feeling kind of glum today until I read your post! 😀 I like: your blog, my husband, my two cats, good food, forcing myself to work out (kind of), and sleeping. Haha. And, of course, writing.


  2. Yes, that’s the thing.
    I never set out to write ‘a book’ but wanted to write something that pleased me, something that had everything I loved to read about in it. Just for me.
    As you can probably tell, I ended up with a book that I loved–messy, yes–but it lead to another draft and another story, and another after that.
    I think you’re onto something. 🙂


  3. Wow what a very interesting thought, write a book on all the things you love. Mmmmm Handbags, shoes, Afternoon Tea (lol), shopping at Ikea 😉 my two wonderful cats. Spending time with love ones, going out to dinner with friends, my list could go on. Lol but it has made me think. X


  4. You could totally make that work. It all just adds up to a well defined character! Thanks again for the review. I didn’t realize Amazon doesn’t show the American reviews and likewise, yours doesn’t show up over here. Weird.


    • Thanks honey, I’m going to give it a try 🙂

      You’re very welcome, really enjoyed it! Oh, that’s odd isn’t it 😦 I also put a review up on Goodreads, but it didn’t recognise the book. Will now be passing my copy on through bookcrossing.com, so hopefully, you’ll get some more UK reveiws 🙂



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