Six Sentence Sunday 26th August

I just can’t seem to manage pulling my finger out and actually registering officially on the Six Sentence Sunday site 😦 I really must make an effort next week lol

Ok, so here is today’s offering…..

The heavy scent of lavender filled my nostrils, relaxing my senses. Late August, and the sun was beginning to grow weary. Soon, there would be no more early evenings spent on the patio with my book and a chilled glass of Chardonnay.

I thought back to last summer and those happy days spent in Sicily with Roberto. How I missed his smile, his touch, his taste. I closed my eyes as the memories of that passionate night flooded me with a warm wave of lust.


Hmmmmm, could this be my first foray into Erotica? 😉 *snigger*

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