ET Phone Home, Or Not…

I took this photo in Caerleon, on the University of Wales campus. Odd, to see a London phone box in Wales, but, even odder was the fact that there was no phone inside lol. So what the hell were they using it for? Somewhere for the smokers when it rained? Lol πŸ˜‰


Will post what it inspired me to write on Tuesday, but in the meantime any suggestions as to what you would use an “empty” phone box for? Lol

47 thoughts on “ET Phone Home, Or Not…

  1. it is an authentic london phone box! there are 3 fool proof ways to check
    1) the phone is missing
    2) if phone is there it has been vandalised
    3) there is a pool of urine inside

    cant remember the last time i saw one of these in London LOL but it reminds me of my childhood when they were everywhere πŸ˜€


  2. I don’t know if it applies here but in some places locals have campaigned to keep the actual box even when BT have insisted on removing the phone. I’ve seem (pictures of) them used as book exchanges.


  3. I’m not sure what it could be used for, but the other day, while walking around London I found a telephone box that had been converted into a cash machine on one side and a small telephone on the other. – I have heard of people using them as potting sheds


  4. Boring answer I know, but as it’s a phone box, it could use it for making mobile phone calls in private. Maybe it could have a little seat in there. A place to yourself! I’m getting carried away now…:-)


  5. Is it just me or is the best answer for the use of a telephone box – other than as intended – is for individuals to change from their socially acceptable alter ego into their superhero costume?
    Bigger question is: which superhero/superpower would you have?


      • A good story indeed, would require a new angle I think (like the KickAss version!). Perhaps the telephone box is also a portal into a world where everyone has super-powers and therefore Earth is in turmoil…
        Anyway, my superpower? I’ve caught a few episodes of Charmed recently and I quite like the ability to freeze things…could come in handy I think. But, Shapeshifting: now there’s a story waiting to be told!


  6. R.E. nailed it and I was afraid nobody was going to catch it! It’s a TARDIS, obviously! I’m sitting here watching the Dr. Who marathon on BBC America in anticipation of the new episode tonight. Woo-hoo!


  7. Are they rare now? I remember when I was traveling through london in 2005 and saw the phone box. A bunch of my friends hopped in and took pictures.


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