Six Sentence Sunday 2nd September

This weeks snippet comes from one of my prompts I did a couple of weeks ago…..

Max grabbed his car keys and ran to his car. He drove like a mad man, past caring about speeding fines, points, or other peoples lives.

He ran through the corridors, pushing past orderlies and other patients and finally arrived at the door to his wife’s room. He paused, took a deep breath, and tried to compose himself.

As he entered, his mother in law stood up.
“Oh Max, thank god you’re here.”


I’m thinking poor Max’s wife is in a coma. I’m such a happy soul lol 😉

17 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 2nd September

  1. What if Max’s wife was in a coma and has woken up. He’s rushing to her bedside, not because he loves her, but because he’s worried what she’ll say. What if, over the months Max has been visiting his wife, he has fallen in love with the nurse caring for her. They make love, passionately, talk about being together when his wife’s machine is switched off. (Or even plan to kill her). The twist: Max’s wife tells her mother everything that Max and the nurse have done and said. When Max arrives at the hospital the police are waiting for him, and he and the nurse are arrested. Not a romance, but…


  2. You hooked me in. I want to know what’s happened to Max’s wife. Whenever a character is in a rush, all the sudden the reader is in a rush. The trick is to not stumble over words, and you do a great job writing a character in a rush!


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