The To Do List – 10th to 16th September

Well, hello September! 🙂

It’s actually my favourite month. Not too warm (I burn easily see), not too cold (I’m always cold, ask the hubby). It’s just perfect 🙂

Yeah yeah, I know it’s been September for a while now, but I’ve had hubby at home on “staycation” so things have been a little up in the air. It’s good to get back to normal, if you know what I mean 🙂

I didn’t do a “to do list” last week, there wasn’t really much point. I did manage to achieve most of what was on the previous list though 🙂 So, this week….let’s see 🙂

1. Finish current read and start Tim Lotts book. Tim is my tutor at Faber, so I should really read at least one of his books shouldn’t I?

2. Carry on with the planning of Sorrento Sunrise Yes, yes, I know it’s a naff title, but this is Mills & Boon remember 😉

3. Sort out stuff I need to do for new writing group. Very exciting, and more about that at a later date when it’s all set up!

4. Continue reading romance guides. I’ve got about 6 on the go at the moment lol

5. Do a timetable inc setting aside time for exercise. *groans* I have a severe case of writers bum, so I need to get back to the gym 😦

6. Start the diet again. Oh dear, note the word again lol

7. Keep up to date with my prompts.

There, that shouldn’t be too hard should it? 😉


what are you up to this week?

27 thoughts on “The To Do List – 10th to 16th September

  1. Following up on my last comment, I finally got down to writing a to-do list … and did Step 1! Ok – I cannot function on a 1 week list, so I wrote a bunch of things to be completed within 2 weeks. And I think thus far it’s making pretty-ok progress! PS: Exercise was on my list but somehow it’s sneaking to the bottom … 😉


  2. Okay – you’ve inspired me know. This week I’ll be writing a to do list for next week 🙂

    Oh no, just remembered – I’m going back to work next week – Yuck 😦 Better do it all this week. Maybe I’ll start another novel!

    As you can see, I’m not very good at planning…


  3. I’m impressed that you manage to achieve most if not all of your to do lists. I always have one on the go but rarely (never) manage to cross off everything. I get such a good feeling when I cross of just one thing. 🙂


    • Thanks Mary 🙂

      Before, when I was making the weekly list I just never seemed to achieve anything, then when I started I used to call them goals, but, to be honest, they were too big, so now, I’ve got it just right 🙂

      I think that’s the key, not to have too much on there, or it becomes overwhelming 😦



  4. Hi Vikki,
    Very noble and inspiring list today 🙂 I’m aiming for an hour a day exercise (writer’s bum plus!), but it’s a big ask. Managing about an hour every other day so far. I agree with Mary that it’s great to just be able to cross one thing off a list – you are such an achiever 🙂
    BTW – I think Sorrento Sunrise is a great title.
    PS – Have you read Kate Walker’s 12 Point Guide to Romance Writing? I can lend it to you if you like x


    • Thanks Jo 🙂

      Ha ha ha, an achiever? Me? I didn’t manage one thing from the list today, including starting the diet! LMAO 🙂

      Awwww, thanks hon, do you think it says Mills & Boon?

      Thank you do much Jo, but yes, I have got it 🙂 It was doing Kate’s course at Caerleon that inspired me to give M & B a go 😉



  5. I love September. I love all of autumn, actually, it’s my favorite season. It was so cool this morning, the heat kicked in!

    Thanks so much for stopping by the blog — and I love your to-do list. Very organized!

    I have revisions on the 2nd Jain Lazarus this week, finishing up the 3rd to get it to the publisher, working on a novella, reading contest entries I’m judging, doing two outlines and the other material for my Sustainability course, and doing the freelance work.


    • Oh definitely Devon 🙂

      And thank YOU honey, for stopping by!

      Ha ha ha, trust me, I’m not really organised, but doing these weekly lists has really helped get me focused 😉

      Wow, it sounds like you’re going to be busy this week hon, good luck! 🙂



  6. I’m also getting back to the gym (5:45 am wake up times are ridiculous!)- the pool 3 days a week and hot yoga 2 days then of course Swing Dancing every Saturday night and have been put on a diet as well. I have a vile case of Writer’s Thighs. *Shudder*

    Other than that I’m still working on settling into a new routine. It’s been tough fitting my writing back into my days so that’s going to be the goal for next week. *crossing fingers*

    Pssst… I kinda like your M&B title 😉


  7. Still trying to play catch up. I need to do better on writing weekly goals. I do so much better with a list, but it’s been crazy lately. I’ve driven over 30 hours since Friday and worked about 30 hours so far. On the very good news side of all the chaos, my daughter is back home. Also, been suffering very slow computer issues, so really not helping. Catching up reading blogs tonight, but only since I’m at a house with faster internet.


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