The To Do List – 10th to 16th September

Well, hello September! 🙂

It’s actually my favourite month. Not too warm (I burn easily see), not too cold (I’m always cold, ask the hubby). It’s just perfect 🙂

Yeah yeah, I know it’s been September for a while now, but I’ve had hubby at home on “staycation” so things have been a little up in the air. It’s good to get back to normal, if you know what I mean 🙂

I didn’t do a “to do list” last week, there wasn’t really much point. I did manage to achieve most of what was on the previous list though 🙂 So, this week….let’s see 🙂

1. Finish current read and start Tim Lotts book. Tim is my tutor at Faber, so I should really read at least one of his books shouldn’t I?

2. Carry on with the planning of Sorrento Sunrise Yes, yes, I know it’s a naff title, but this is Mills & Boon remember 😉

3. Sort out stuff I need to do for new writing group. Very exciting, and more about that at a later date when it’s all set up!

4. Continue reading romance guides. I’ve got about 6 on the go at the moment lol

5. Do a timetable inc setting aside time for exercise. *groans* I have a severe case of writers bum, so I need to get back to the gym 😦

6. Start the diet again. Oh dear, note the word again lol

7. Keep up to date with my prompts.

There, that shouldn’t be too hard should it? 😉


what are you up to this week?