No writing prompt pic this week folks, because, today, I will be attending the Bookcrossing Unconventional in Colchester. I haven’t been to one of these events for about, oooooo, 6 years! Lol….where does the time go eh?

I’ve been a member since 2004, but I’m not as active as I used to be. Here’s my “bookshelf” 🙂

It’s something I feel passionate about, the idea of passing my books on, leaving them somewhere for someone to find. I’ve worked in charity shops, I know what happens to books that are donated, so I’d much rather dispose of my read books this way. Plus, it’s great fun, especially when you find out your book ended up on the other side of the world 🙂

So here are a selection of pics from previous Unconventions….. The highlight of the event is the “book table” lol. The idea is to take books with you for the table, and come home with less books than you took….it rarely happens 😉






I’ll let you know if I manage to come home with less books than I took with me 😉

So what do you do with your books once you’ve read them?

33 thoughts on “Bookcrossing

  1. Has it been that long?? Well, you know what I do with mine, too … but I’m really inactive myself now, I just go to the Birmingham meetups and do the very odd wild release. I’m not “most caught” on the tables now, or even “20th most books released”. But then I do have a slightly fuller and more busy life now! I still cherish the friends I made through BookCrossing, though!


  2. If I like the books, I keep them, because odds are I’ll want to read them again. I used to go swap ’em at the 2nd hand store, but where I live now the 2nd hand stores are picky picky picky and will only take a few. Anyway, in past I’ve regretted some of the sales and re-purchased the books, so now I just keep ’em. If I didn’t like them, I set them aside to re-sell if I can.

    That Unconventional sounds great – wish I lived in UK to go to these sorts of things. I’ve considered the Bookcrossing thing – even set up an account – but I just don’t get out that much… and people in this part of the world aren’t readers, unfortunately (you should see our crappy excuse for a library…)


  3. I think you know my answer to what I do with books when I’ve read them! I’ve been bookcrossing since 2003 and have released just short of 700 books. Also, I’ve met so many generous, funny, clever people through bookcrossing and made a lot of friends, how can it be wrong?


  4. I joined Bookcrossing in the 90s. I used to take books that I’d read to a cafe in Streatham and they would put a sticker in it. Books would end up in the US, Africa, somewhere in Europe, or stay in in the UK. It was very popular then. There were tons of places that you could leave a book, if it had a Bookcrossing sticker in it. Apart from in London, I’ve left them in Cyprus and Spain. I don’t think we have a Bookcrossing place here in Lutterworth, I should check it out. Haven’t done it for years. I keep the hardbacks and take paperbacks to charity shops. Thank you for reminding me about Bookcrossing, Vikki. x


  5. What a brilliant idea…I rarely read a book again and have nearly finished the books in the bookshelf that was left when I moved in December 2011. I wish I could swop them out!!


  6. This is such a great idea because all of my books are sitting on bookshelves. Which is fine but there are some that I would be happy giving away. You’re really opening my eyes to these sorts of things Vikki, thanks! I’m going to have a look and see if they do this here in Australia 🙂 xx


  7. I was introduced to the idea of bookcrossing by a friend a few months ago and even blogged about it, but sadly, I haven’t yet done anything about it. What I didn’t realise, was that there were meet up as well. I will look in to this again. Thank you for the reminder! I hope your meet went well 🙂


  8. The sit on my bookshelf. I like keeping them in case I do decide to read them over. My bookshelf is getting really full though.

    What a fab idea. I wonder where in the US I could participate in something like that?


    • He he he, I could never do that CC, I have thousands of books! So unless they’re special, when they’re read, they’re gone 😉

      It started in The States so there are more members there than in the UK. Have a look on the site, there might even be meets in your area! 🙂



  9. Vikki – I took a huge bagful of books for the table – and picked up 0!! I recieved 4 in my NSS gift – and bought one – but picked up 0! I am so proud of myself. Was so lovely seeing you after so long.


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