Six Sentence Sunday 7th October

Today’s six sentences come from a piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago.

Paula stood in the empty dining room and smiled. Finally, the house was hers. It had taken months of negotiations, solicitors, and that awful nephew, who got greedier and greedier as the weeks dragged on.

Paula pitied him. The deceased owner had loved this house, it had meant more to her than money. If only he’d taken such an interest in his aunt when she’d been alive.


I’m thinking that this could actually be the start of a romance. What reason could there be for “the nephew” being greedy?

16 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 7th October

  1. Lots of people are just greedy, but in this cirumstance, he has a rich aunt, he probably had some expectations about the house coming his way, plus a chip on his shoulder about why some people in his family had that kind of money when he didn’t.


  2. If it’s a romance, he’s probably not greedy at all and needs the money for something she’d approve of. Or maybe Paula doesn’t know the truth about the aunt and nephew and it was her who refused to speak to him?


  3. The cynical side of me says, However many hundreds of thousands of pounds that the house is worth, is the number of reasons the nephew has to be jealous. If that’s his nature. The romantic side of me says, perhaps the aunt left Paula her house and the nephew her money, so they have to work together, which will bring two parts of the family together after decades of feuding.


  4. I like the idea of the two forced to work together. LOVE the pic. We don’t have half so many grand houses here in the U.S. I learning that my stories start with a house and work up from there. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.


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