The To Do List 8th to 14th October

Sorry if some of you received notification of a blank blog post yesterday evening. I’ve been trying to work on a new schedule for the blog, adding date reminders in the old drafts folder, and accidentally hit the publish button ha ha ha, whoops!

Anyways…..last week was a bit up and down to say the least lol. I had my major melt down on Wednesday about the Faber course (thank you so much for all your kind words), the Nano website launched (something I didn’t anticipate so early, so moderating the forums has kicked in already), and then at the end if the week I was feeling a bit poorly *all say ahhhhhh* πŸ˜‰

On the plus side, I did achieve most of the stuff on my list!

1. Catch up with prompts. Done!

2. Finish one of the romance books. Ummmmm, nope 😦

3. Continue working on the Black Moment. Done! yay!!!! πŸ™‚

4. Finish Sabrina Broadbents book. Done!

5. Outline some ideas I have for Blog Posts. Ummmmm, not done. I usually have a good 5 or 6 draft posts in my folder, but at the moment, I’m a complete blank! Lol

6. Check Nano forums…gear myself up! Done! Bit of a shock how early people started posting though lol

7. Do some more work on outlining Sorrento Sunrise (for the Writing Group). This weeks writing group meet was all about outlining. We discussed the different methods we use and I realised that I need to think more about my time line. Next week is about Characters, so I don’t really need to do any work on that in advance πŸ™‚

Soooo, this weeks list…..

Ooooo, that’s an awful picture isn’t it! That’ll teach me to take it in the early morning lol

1. Check Nano forums 3 times a day on my days.

2. Finish Mick Jacksons book. He’s another one of my Faber tutors.

3. Finish at least one if the romance books. Carried over from last week.

4. Continue outlining Sorrento Sunrise, think about timeline.

5. Sort out a donation tin for Nano.

6. Start new Ideas note book.

7. Make sure I’m all set for Faber *gulp*

So that all seems pretty manageable doesn’t it?

What are your writing plans for this week?

22 thoughts on “The To Do List 8th to 14th October

    • Thanks Jo πŸ™‚

      Next Monday, the 15th *gulp* I spent yesterday evening trying to organise a new blog schedule so that I can post about the course every Tuesday. It looks like my To Do Lists are gunna have to move to mid week. Not sure how that’s gunna work but still lol.

      What day do you do your course?

      Good luck honey, will come over and offer words of encouragement πŸ˜‰



  1. Sort out an extra case for my notepads and writing gear to take on my cruise, work on my what to ask the nice Captain how he runs his ship – probably won’t get the Captain but a nice officer in white uniform will do! – then pack the other cases with clothes darhling… Im not saying how many!


  2. Vicki, finally got back in to comment. Sorry I’ve missed you the last few posts. My “do to” lists are often longer than I am, and if I miss a few, I add them to the next week. I am compulsively organized even with the writing, so I suffer if my lists don’t get checked off πŸ™‚ What a royal pain neurosis is !!


  3. I’m busy editing the WIP – have fixed the easy things and am looking up at the towering cliffs of the big stuff!
    If you ever need blog ideas, I find quite helpful. Around the new year, they publish a planning calendar with lots of inspiration/dates/special occasions to use as a creative spark.


  4. my writing plans for this week:
    1. write column for paper
    2. write council news for paper (do not die of boredom)
    3. go to another council meeting tonight (again do not die of boredom: doodle)
    4. start intro chapter to book to be called – wait for it, wait for it: The Worst of On The Homefront — now wouldn’t you want to read that–it is to be followed by The Mediocre Stuff from On The Homefront; then. a two page chaplet called “The Best of On The Homefront”
    5. Win the lottery (yes this is part of my plan- the only one who will ever publish my books is me, and I need money for that)
    6. drink a glass of wine


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