What I Learnt From My First (and Second) Nanowrimo

No post here today guys, sorry, but I’m over at Bridget Whelan’s talking about Nano 🙂

Pop on over, where you’ll find me rambling, and, as an extra treat…. A video of Natalie Goldberg 🙂

Bridget says….
I am very grateful that Vikki has come across from her own blog at The View Outside to give newcomers like me a taste of what Nanowrimo – the international writing event – means. It’s clear she was made for this kind of challenge. By my calculations she was writing over 4,500 words a day (yes, A DAY) when she began, but slowed down for the second year because she was worried about the quality/quantity issue.

I’m open mouthed at her work rate, her ability to just get down and do it and her generosity in sharing….Over to Vikki…


Bridget teaches Creative Writing and has one novel under her belt (so far eh Bridget?) 😉

At the beginning of December Bridget will be stopping by here to give all you Wrimo’s some tips on editing. If you’re anything like me you’ll be asking yourself on the 1st of December…. where do I start?

And thanks Bridget, for letting me take over your blog 🙂

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