Six Sentence Sunday 21st October

This weeks 6 sentences are from a piece I wrote as an exercise in the Faber class 🙂 We were asked to write 100 words on our name. I went blank, but after a bit of brainstorming came up with the idea of fictionalising the origin…..

We had agonised for days over what to call her.

“I want something classy Mike, you know, not Sharon or Tracey.”

Mike was very excited when he arrived at the hospital the following day and told me he’d found the perfect name for her, on a bus.

“I don’t think Waterloo is really suitable for a girl darling.”

But i was relieved to discover that he was referring to the number 36 going to Victoria Station.

Is it any wonder that she grew up loving the colour red!

This version has been edited down for the 6 sentences and yes, I really did get my name from a number 36 London bus 😉

If you want to see a actual number 36 bus the same as my dad would have seen you’ll have to click here.

Is there a story in how you got your name?

16 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 21st October

  1. My aunt said that my mum named me after Dr Who’s assistant at the time I was born, who was called Zoë. Since I mentioned this on my own blog the other day, I have been doing some research and found that the Zoë character didn’t appear until six weeks after I was born. So either mum saw an early preview, or she is correct when she denies my aunt’s claim. Incidentally, mum also said she wanted to call me Zoë from the moment she knew she was pregnant, and she considered no other names at all, so it was just as well I was a girl!


  2. I love the idea of being named after a bus 🙂 My mum always wanted to call me Linda because it means ‘beautiful’ in Spanish (apparently, LOL!). One of her aunts really wanted her to call me Claire and Mum was a bit torn because she loved this aunt a lot. In the end I was Linda Claire – but to be honest I’d have been happy being Claire Linda! We called our daughter Phoebe after the character in The Catcher in the Rye but EVERYONE thinks it was because of FRIENDS. Very annoying! Happy Sunday!


  3. I’m Jewish and we’re named after deceased grandparents usually. So my first name is after one grandmother and my middle name after the other one. The birth cert says Susan but I rarely go by that version 😀


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