21 thoughts on “Tales From A Notebook – Part 2

  1. Your notebooks are great! It takes so much discipline to be able maintain all of your thoughts and ideas in one place. I wish that I could do that, my thoughts are just scattered all over like dirty laundry on the floor.


  2. Love mind maps, use them a lot myself. Amazingly neat writing, wish my writing was, mine more like a spider writing across a page. Looking forward to part 3. Enjoy tomorrow 😀 x


  3. Whoa, Vicki … your mind map is the bomb!! Wish I could fashion something as orderly and detailed. I am afraid, my mind map would read like an ink chart and an analyst might recommend medication upon reading. Laura Drake uses Excel and I can see both of you have organized and detailed brains … myself … I rely on the old Word Doc method of Notes.

    Can’t wait for Part 3 🙂


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