Writing Retreat Day 1

Hi people 🙂

Have you missed me? He he he!

Well, I have 226 e mails in my inbox that need sorting, but, I’ve managed To get my word count up to 18,163 for Nano! (That’s a lie actually, I’ve managed to get my e mails down to 101 by taking full advantage of the WordPress “like” button).

I’m sorry I’m so behind with all your blogs, will catch up on Sunday I promise 🙂

I was told this place is lovely, and it is! Must be fantastic in the summer that’s for sure!

This place would be ideal for inspiration for a gothic novel 😉

My room is very nice, and I’m going to enjoy walking round the gardens tomorrow 🙂


The only problem is that I’ve finished Sorrento Sunrise, yep, it’s done, at 18,000 words….Oh, dear lol. The question now is whether I try to pad it out with 30,000 words or move onto something else? I can’t believe it! Where have I gone wrong! Lol

So what should I do….add loads of waffle, or start working on something else?

30 thoughts on “Writing Retreat Day 1

  1. Oh this looks so lovely! Vikki, what an awesome place to write. Look at the halls! Wherabouts is it? I definitely want to go to England or Ireland for a few weeks, hopefully next year, for a writing retreat for some extra inspiration.

    Congrats on hitting over 18,000 words! Sadly, I have severly fallen short of Nano. 😦 But there is still time! Lots of freelance writing is taking up my NaNo time. lol


    • Oh, it is Sara! I’m sitting in a room now with lots of other people with laptops and there’s a huge roaring fire 🙂

      Ooooo, yes, you must come over! We’ll meet up for a coffee and a writing session 🙂

      Awwwww, honey 😦 Well, remember what I say…..if you end up with more words this month than you would normally have, you’re still a winner! 🙂

      Good luck!



  2. Have you got a sub-plot in Sorrento Sunrise? If so, start a new one. If not, maybe go back and see if you can add one? Not sure if M&B have many sub-plots – haven’t read any in years (I think the last one was when I was thirteen?! That is far too many years ago!)
    Congrats on getting to the end tho! Much applause on your tenacity and determination. x


    • There isn’t really a sub plot, no Catherine…..it’s all about getting these two together 🙂 M & B tend not to ave them, because the reader just wants to know about the hero and heroine.

      Thanks honey, I’ll sort it out, one way or another 😉



  3. Gorgeous place – it looks like it has a comfy bed… *thinking about sleep b/c I’m having vicious bout of insomnia*

    If it’s done, it’s done – leave it, move on. When you start editing you can add and cut, but right now it’s about writing as much as possible in a month. My opinion, of course, should always be taking with a fistful of Lot’s wife…


    • It is very nice Katya 🙂 The bed is fine, but, I never sleep well away from home 😦

      Sorry to hear you’re suffering from insomnia honey 😦 I know that one!

      I think you’re right to be honest, at least it’s finished right? 😉



  4. Looks great, Vikki! My advice on SS – never ever ‘pad’. When you’ve let it settle, there may be a place where an extra scene might add something, or, as someone said, a sub-plot can be developed, but words just for the sake of them is never a good option and any agent/publisher would see it for what it is. On the other hand, it is the perfect length for a novella, and I hear pocket novels are in demand, too!


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