Writing Retreat Day 2

An early start this morning, as breakfast was at 8…..but I found myself outside at 7.45 having my first cigarette of the day with the security guard. A lovely man who told me all about the wildlife on the estate….seee, I’m learning stuff too! Lol

It’s now 3pm and I’ve just crossed the 20,000 threshold. 20,172 to be exact! Sorrento Sunrise still stands at just over 18,000 and the new words are on a couple of short stories using my writing prompts that I do every day. I’m kind of looking at this years Nano as being a disaster, but I guess it isn’t really. I’m still gunna hit the 50,000, but I’ll probably have lots of unfinished stuff lol. And there was me saying I didn’t want to be one of those writers who had a drawer full of unfinished manuscripts! Whoops! 😉

So what excuse do I have? Well, apart from the fact that the “T” has rubbed off my netbook key (this is it’s 3rd Nano), none what so ever! I don’t regret going for the Mills & Boon….the object of the exercise was to see if I could write one. Perhaps the answer to that question is…..I can’t *snigger*

I had a wander around the grounds today….wow!

And this is the view from my bedroom window.

And this is the room where the magic happens.

All 14 of us were sitting at this table last night tapping away at laptops/netbooks….I wish I’d taken a photo! 🙂

Right, better get back to it….think I’ll have a reading break first though 😉

How are my fellow Wrimo’s doing?

18 thoughts on “Writing Retreat Day 2

  1. What an amazing place! I think I could do with something like that — I’m so far behind with NaNo at the moment. Never mind, we’ll keep plugging away… and you might come up with a few more stories?!


  2. Such lovely pictures!
    I’m glad you kept writing! Finishing your story and writing some more is definitely the way to go.
    I’m at 26k and going back to writing now. 🙂 I have easily 50k to go until the end of my story, so the worst that will happen is that I win Nano but don’t finish the story. There’s always December!


  3. Great post, Vicki and I love your photographs also. Hey, I was on the road at 3am to sell at a flea market. Don’t ask and I promise I won’t tell !!!

    You should not fret over having a draw full of stuff. You can recycle, finish off the rough drafts or use them as a starting place for a new book.

    Also, as I see it … the nature of Na-No IS to produce a rough draft. If you have a couple of smaller rough drafts … all the more to recycle later 🙂

    Write on !!


  4. That looks to be a beautiful place you are doing your writing retreat, I think you are doing amazingly well with that word count. You’re knocking the words out this month, What you do with them after that is something you will need to assess, but for now, they are flowing and flowing well!


  5. Love that last photo! I’m jealous of your ability to go on retreat. I’m doing okay. I hit a couple of scenes that I like so I wrote more than average the last few days, but I’m still pretty ambivalent toward the story. Better then outright distaste I guess. I’m beginning to think I can’t hack it as a write. That reaction is vastly different from last year. I’ll finish though. Sheer will and determinate will carry me to the 50k mark. We’ll see what happens after. Maybe I’ll buy a t-shirt as a reward for my efforts.


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