Today’s The Day People

Sorry for the lateness of today’s blog pst (and yesterday’s) but I’ve not been at home, back now though πŸ˜‰

So today the Nanowrimo Verification system kicks in. Yep, that means that all of you who have reached the 50K mark can now upload your words and have them verified, and be officially classed a winner πŸ™‚

I’ve just done mine, so I am officially a winner!

I feel a little bit guilty though, I didn’t do Nano this year the way it should be done. Some of you already know, but for those of you who don’t I ended up finishing my Mills & Boon experiment at 20,000 words. I briefly thought about giving up, but I wanted to complete the challenge. So the next 30,000 words were short stories.

But I tell you what….it was is probably the most enjoyable Nano I’ve participated in. To the point where I’m considering, next year, to do a short story a day for November. I guess it goes back to me being an ideas person. I love creating characters, creating crap to throw at them, and then, I kinda get bored. But I don’t consider myself a good short story writer. My endings suck lol. I can come up with the scenarios, the characters, but then I don’t know how to resolve the story, in a satisfying manner. I don’t resort to “and then he/she woke up” as a final line, but I’ve been tempted lol.

So congratulations to all the Nano winners, it’s been a blast! And those of you who haven’t finished yet,GO FOR IT you have 5 days!

So now that we have all these extra words that we didn’t have last month What’s the plan? What will you be doing with your Nano Words? Me, I’ll be fiddling with Sorrento Sunrise and trying to find 30,000 words to pad it out with lol πŸ˜‰

29 thoughts on “Today’s The Day People

  1. Vikki, I’m so pleased for you! It’s an amazing feat to get that many words down in a month, especially with Faber-related stuff to do too! I know what you mean about short story endings. I’m the same. Sometimes they just jump out at me but most of the time they are lame and I don’t submit because I know it! I have a lot of stories with great characters and evocative surroundings, intense emotions and great dialogue but CRAPPY ENDINGS! As for twist endings… gah!


  2. First thing I need to do is actually finish the story (it’ll probably take 10-20K more words). Editing that bad boy is next, but I’m going to have to let it sit until after the first of the year before I’ll feel okay about messing with it.


  3. Oh this is great! am so glad I subscribed to you. I’m an idea person too so my nano is in idea format. I have 4 chapters written of the misfits but wanted to finish the story. Had it all plotted out which is a first for me I’m trying not to use any of the chapters to finish off the 50k but in light of your remarks I just might. I wanted to see what my fingers would come up with within the ideas I had already set up. They did pretty well but the editing will be a bitch!


  4. Well done Vikki, you are an inspiration! I have a few more words to find, but think I can make it. I’m then going to leave my fledgling novel alone for December and let loose with the red pen in January.


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