The To Do List 26th November to 2nd December

I’m sorry I’m so behind with reading and commenting on Blogs. Will try to catch up today.

Today I will be attending my Faber class, as I do every Monday, but, today, they will be critiquing the first 4,500 words of ‘But Not Forgotten’ *gulp* I will tell you all about it in a separate post. Think of me, I am so bloody nervous! Lol

Let’s get back to the list. Last week, this is what happened…

1. Finish Nano by Friday (23rd) Done! I finished on the 22nd 😉

2. Upload words to Nano. Done! And I have a purple line and certificate to prove it!

3. Print off Sorrento Sunrise and start padding lol. Hmmmm, I only managed to print out 25 pages….because….my printer ran out of ink. I’ve got some on order and it should arrive by Tuesday at the latest. It’s a real pain as I can’t even print off the piece they’ll be critiquing in class tonight…Grrrrr 😦

4. Start new book….an eBook. I did start something, but only got a little way in 😦

5. Continue reading Richard Skinners book. I’m still reading it lol

6. Print off But Not Forgotten and READ IT! Couldn’t do it, because of the printer 😦

So this weeks list:


1. Print out rest of Sorrento Sunrise and start padding.

2. Read BN’s manuscript (a friends Nano story).

3. Sort out notes from critique of But Not Forgotten.

4. Read next Faber critique piece.

5. Continue with Richard Skinners book.

6. Start an ideas notebook for But Not Forgotten.

7. Print off and file Nano short stories.

So what plans do you have for the week?

18 thoughts on “The To Do List 26th November to 2nd December

  1. I’d like to be at least halfway done with Project Oliver by the end of next week. School and work have me bogged down, but I think I can do it.

    Also, good luck with having your work critiqued! I’m sure they’ll love it. 🙂


  2. Right now I need to finish editing a piece I’m trying to submit and finish a (first/second) draft on another story. And grade papers of course.


  3. Nooooooo no padding! You can of course add interesting new sub plots, or twists, strengthen a theme, develop the characters etc, but never even jokingly refer to it as padding or there’s a danger you’ll just make it longer without making it better.


  4. Good luck for tonight. remember every single person is nervous about showing their work like this. It’s very exposing. One thing all writers have in common is courage but you should find it very empowering. Here’s to you high kicking down the streets of Bloomsbury after the class!
    SO excited about the ebook idea. A friend who has had two books published with a mainstream publisher (& they were negotiating on a third) decided to go it alone with a fourth & published it herself as an ebook. Agent advised against but now it’s put her in a much stronger position with her publisher. Interesting, eh? I’m working on one right now (not fiction – guide to creative writing for beginners – although I hope I can come up with a better title). let’s compare notes about-how-to-do-it


  5. Wow! Really don’t worry about the things you didn’t achieve. I think your list was admirably ambitious in the first place. To finish NaNo is an achievement. To finish early, well, that’s downright impressive. Ditto Patsy’s note on padding, that ‘concerned’ me a little, too. And ditto Bridget, everyone will be nervous and you’ll get some great feedback, no doubt about that. Good luck with the next to-do list. You’ll be fine, I’m sure!


  6. Vikki, as ususal, your to-do lists make me feel like I am standing still 🙂 Great work … I know your first 4,500 words will be received well. Keep up the good work and try not to make the rest of us feel “slow” witted 🙂


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