Writing For 100 Hours?

Are we all still here? Lol πŸ˜‰

Could you write for 100 hours, straight? LIVE on a web cam?

Well that’s exactly what David Varela is doing, and in the process, raising money for charity. David is hoping to raise Β£3000 for The Arvon Foundation to go towards their work with children. They run writing schools to encourage children to write.

So David will be writing for 100 hours, with as few breaks and as little sleep as possible. If you donate, you can request a subject for him to write about.

Thanks to Hannah in my writing class for the heads up on this….absolutely amazing!

Please check out David’s Web Cam & Site which I can’t embed here, but what I can imbed is an interview David did recently about his challenge.

He must be absolutely shattered poor luv!

Would you ever consider a writing marathon? I wrote for a whole day once (about 8 hours) when the hubster was at a chess thingy….it was exhausting! Lol

22 thoughts on “Writing For 100 Hours?

  1. Reblogged this on Self-Publish 101 and commented:
    What’s this all about?

    My name’s David Varela and I’m a writer. I’ve written films, plays, games, poems, global ad campaigns, and all sorts of other strange things – but now, for one week only, I’m taking requests. I’ll write what you tell me to. You can also watch my writing process in action – live, via webcam – and you’ll be able to see every keystroke as I type it on our website. For 100 hours, my every word is yours. I’m taking a vow of silence and I won’t have any private communications – no texts, no tweets, no emails. Every word is public domain. And everything I write is copyright-free.


  2. Absolutely not. I can only imagine how difficult it gets and as his body really start to fight him, the words really won’t end up making any sense. An interesting was to bring writing to attention though. Wishing him lots of luck. He’s going to need it!


  3. What an amazing challenge, Vikki. David is a brave and “energetic” soul. I can’t imagine how exhausting this is for him … but his cause is probably what will sustain him πŸ™‚ Knowing that he can make a difference in someone’s life by doing what he loves … that is a good thing !!


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