Who Am I?

I wanted to rope the hubster in on this one, but I got impatient. So I thought I’d try it on my own. Write the answers down as quickly as possible. I got to about number 12 without pausing…then it got hard lol

Who Am I?

1. Vikki
2. A Woman
3. A Mother
4. A Wife
5. An Animal Lover
6. A Cat Owner
7. Unfortunately, A Smoker
8. An Aspiring Author (snigger)
9. Online, AngelChild
10. A Member of Weight Watchers
11. A Book Addict
12. A Blogger
13. A Fan of Oasis
14. A Chocolate Lover
15. A Procrastinator
16. A Person Who Finds It Hard To Make Decisions
17. A Carer (to everyone!)
18. A Tea Drinker
19. An iPad User
20. A Convertible Car Driver

He he he…..ok, 2 things struck me.

1. Are these answers more about “what” I am, rather than “who” and is there a difference?


2. There is a distinct lack of personality traits. Nothing below the surface, if that makes sense?

Am I shallow? Are these the things that are most important to me about myself and what define me?

I guess it’s more about how you interpret the question? Has anyone else tried it yet and did you find yourself skimming the surface?

Ok Laura Hopwood (my MC in The Last Word Cafe) you’re next!

One final time….. Who are you? The owner of 9 Blog of the Year Stars now! Thanks to Pat Wood 🙂 Thank you so much honey! I will do some more nominating tomorrow!

24 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I love the ‘Who am I’ excercise, Vikki. I’m going to have a go! And I think ‘what we do’ very much defines ‘who we are’!


  2. I think it’s easier to start off on the surface with the things that are kind of labels. They’re easier to define ourselves with. I need to think about the ‘what’ and ‘who’ thing more though. It’s frying my brain a tad.
    Well done for getting 9 stars!


  3. I think that list actually says quite a lot about you Vicki. Who, is a difficult question. I think we all wear different masks for different roles, for instance when you’re in your mother role, to your aspiring author role. The list kind of pulls them altogether. 🙂


  4. Vikki, I’ve never thought about this. I was watching a movie tonight and the character was asked — “who are you?” She replied, “A writer.” He replied, “that’s not who you are, that’s what you do.”

    This is a tough one and you’re brave for trying it. ;).


    • Thanks Brigitte 🙂

      Ahhhh, yeah, that’s a good example!

      But is what we do who we actually are? Certain jobs definitely define don’t they…like a Fireman must be a brave person, and vets, I guess, must be animal lovers 🙂



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