Small Stones

I’m off to my first local meeting of the Romantic Novelists Association today…wish me luck 🙂

I signed up at the beginning of January to take part in the Small Stones Challenge which is organised by Writing Our Way Home 🙂

The initial challenge is for the month of January, but I’m going to try to do this for the whole year. I love the whole concept of writing one sentence a day about something I’ve noticed, I mean really noticed and practising using my senses. Here are a few that I’ve done already….

The silence of a new day as dawn creeps through the bare trees.
The creaking springs in the bed above as he tosses and turns in sleep.
A lump forms in my throat as yet again I feed the stray Tabby who comes to my doorstep every morning.
The sweet smell of my daughters perfume that lingers long after she’s gone.
The smell that wafts up from the pages of a new book as my fingers run gently along the smooth lines of words.
The biting wind that makes my lips burn.

There’s a FaceBook group and on Twitter the hash tag is #smallstones

I dunno, I don’t make life easy for myself do I? Lol. But, the small stones exercise is a great way of being aware of your senses, something that I so often neglect in my writing. I might even use some of these ideas in The Last Word Cafe 😉 I’m very much a “sight” writer and I want to change that.

Tell me, what have you noticed today? Give me a small stone…..

52 thoughts on “Small Stones

  1. Vikki, congrats on joining a group! I like the line you wrote about the daughter or your daughter and the biting wind. It fits in perfectly on such a cold day when ice and frost cover the brown grass.


  2. I noticed how I would still be able to pick out my dog if I couldn’t see, smell or hear just by the feel of her coat against my cheek and that reassures me.

    Do keep us posted on the RNA meeting! I’ve been thinking about joining the RA out here. They’re a pretty lively bunch of ladies! Be prepared for some interesting conversations and feisty ladies!


  3. Like the lips burning sentence. Certainly been true here lately.

    “keys tapping out a poem in the silent house”

    I finally felt relaxed enough to finish a poem


  4. This is a lovely post, Vicki. I need to work on focusing my senses in the way you are doing it. My wife is an artist. She told me about an organized Muir Trek she took many years ago. The main purpose was to help people use their senses to connect to nature. Feel it, not just see it. When we go for walks, she notices the stamen of the wildflowers, a caterpillar on a leaf, the delicate pattern of moss and lichen. All these things bring an inner peace that allows our creativity to flow. Continued good luck on noticing.


  5. Great idea. I wondered if you’d find another daily challenge! I may have to do that too. A fun exercise, and not just for writers. Good excuse to get our heads out of technology, if even for a second. Good luck with the group!


  6. Let us know how you go at the RNA meeting, Vikki.

    My small stones for today are all to do with heat. The spinning blades of the fan, the chirping of birds, sweat trickling down my back, the smell flowers, plunging to a cold pool and hearing absolutely nothing as I glide to the bottom.


  7. Like your sentances Vikki. Right now the sun shining throught the dainty raindrops on the windows makes them look like little diamonds. Have a good day. x


  8. The rhionocerous horns of snow that gather on my shoe as I walk through the snow.

    This is one that I wrote down the other day. I like the challenge Vikki – I think I may just have to give it a try. I’m also a very visual writer so need to experiment with other means of descriptive narration.
    Very worthwhile exercise that should,t take up too much time.
    Enjoy the RNA x


  9. Did small stones a couple of years ago – really rewarding challenge. Friend Ged Duncan published his book of stones and it’s great to dip into. Sure you will have a lovely time at RNA. If you meet Norma Curtis say hi from me, a great friend and a great writer


  10. I love this idea…we all rush around too much and miss the simple things. Good luck, not sure I can commit to everyday but I will certainly jot down as often as I can!
    Today’s observation: Sparkling snow crystals welcome me as I sit at my desk.


  11. Today : Sparkling snowy white ice on the cold hard ground still reveal bits of grass peeking through. Small chickadees, cardinals, and crows flit to and fro pecking contentedly at bits of bread tossed from the back door. We stay cuddled warm inside, glad to view the outside from afar.


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