Awards Galore!

I’ve received a few awards in the past month lol

Firstly, The Sunshine Award from Mel at Writerly Goodness
And then Jenny Keller Ford nominated me for all these!
And for my 11th star! 🙂
And then Karin Bachman nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award 🙂


Thank you so much ladies! I’m feeling very loved 🙂 Do check out these wonderful blogs 🙂

So, the rules are the same for all of these, 7things about yourself. I’m running out if ideas with this one! I’ve done books, facts about me, photos of me growing up, my art work, where I live, what’s left? I know! How about 7 of my most treasured possessions (not inc people and furry things!). So here they are in no particular order:

1. My wedding ring. It’s been with me for nearly 27 years. I’d feel completely lost without it 🙂
2. My grandmothers bracelet. I wore this bracelet on my wedding day, as my something old.
3. My grandfathers clock. He owned about 20 clocks, and when he died I was lucky enough to inherit a couple. This one is my favourite.

4. My anniversary bracelet. That The Hubster had made especially.

5. My Peter Blake. That The Hubster bought me for my birthday a couple of years ago.

6. My Kiss sculpture. That was bought on a trip to Rome.

And finally… writing notebooks 🙂

I have 20 now….not bad for just over 2 years worth of scribbles 😉 I refer to them so often it’s incredible.

I could go on and on with this list! I guess I’m the kind of gal who likes to be surrounded by precious things 🙂

Right, onto the next bit… I couldn’t possibly nominate 7 bloggers for each of these awards, (i’d be here for hours! lol) so I’ll stick to just 7 in total and let them decide which award they want, hey, have them all if you want to 😉

Jane Ayres at The Beautiful Room
Sandra at Another 12 Novels
Nicky Wells
Florence at Ramblings From The Left
Rebecca Bradley
Mary at The Daily Mayville
Debbie at The Wicked Queens Mirror

I know these award things are time consuming, and I know a lot of you get a bit tired of them…..but i love them because what better way to highlight some great blogs (and bloggers) that you think deserve a pat on the back 🙂

40 thoughts on “Awards Galore!

  1. Nice stuff! though I’m intrigued with your notebooks. How do you find anything? My notebooks or files are on the computer so if I want to search for something I just hit a button. If I had hand written books, I woulldn’t find anything and I can’t read my writing anyway. So how do you do it?


    • Thanks Sue 🙂

      Ooooo, yeah, now that’s difficult! I date all of them and that helps. I really should index them but OMG! That would take me ages! Lol. I stick articles in there, photos, snippets from magazines, they would all be hard to put on my laptop 😉



  2. Wow! Vikki, what a lot of well deserved awards! You should print them all out and hang them up on your ego wall ~ how’s that for a boost! You totally rock. And *blush* thanks for the nomination! I’ll gladly accept at least one of these fabulous awards… I’ll post next week, thank you so much! I am honoured. XX


  3. Thanks so much, Vikki. YOu gave me two ideas. One I should put the last three awards in one post and two, loved that you listed seven precious things in your life. I think I need to do one “catch up” award post so I can thank everyone for their kind thoughts 🙂


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