Must Do’s 24th to 30th June

Well, I’m back from The Lake District πŸ™‚

Lake District

Everyone said it was a beautiful place, and it is. But, it’s very wet *snigger*

You can sum up the Lake District in 5 words…

  • Wet
  • Green
  • Sheep
  • Hills
  • Lakes

But if you’re looking for a relaxing break with no mobile phone signal and intermittent Internet access (via the hotel) I can highly recommend it!

We did some sightseeing (of course) and the highlights were Beatrix Potters house and Rydal Mount, home to William Wordsworth. In the garden is a summer house where Wordsworth wrote most of his poems (a post coming up about that soon).

So now it’s back to the real word and this weeks to do list. I didn’t do much writing when I was away, and i didn’t do any reading. I was up at 5am most mornings, just wandering the hotel grounds pondering life lol. I didn’t actually come to any conclusions, but, the peace and quiet and time with my thoughts was relaxing.

So this week there is only one item on my to do list…..

1. Get “Tangled” off to the RNA New Writers Scheme for its critique.

I meant to do it last week but my printer has run out of ink, and then The Hubsters (at work) keeled over too so he had to order a new one. As soon as he’s got that set up I’ll be emailing him the MS for him to print.

I also need to send off my first assignment to The Writers Bureau and continue to work on my 2nd, but that’s not a priority… What is though is catching up with about 400 emails, blog comments, Twitter, FaceBook…..

What are your writing plans for the week?

16 thoughts on “Must Do’s 24th to 30th June

  1. Yeah, sometimes coming back from holiday makes it felel like you’ve never been away. There’s always twice as much to do! Good luck with all those emails.


  2. I’m glad you had a nice time in the Lake District Vikki though you’re right, one way or another there’s no shortage of water. I could live without a phone (I only use it to text anyway) but I’d have been tearing what little hair I have left out without an internet connection. I’d have dreaded how my emails would have piled up. If I’d been there at the same time we’d probably have met wandering the grounds at 5 am only I guarantee my thoughts would have been centred around breakfast and how much bacon I’d be allowed.
    Best of luck with the ‘To Do’ list for the week, personally I think you’ll be lucky to see you bed this week with that backlog.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • Thanks David πŸ™‚

      Yes, it was scary each time I managed to log on and seeing them all pile up! Lol…I felt anxious the first day then realised there was nothing I could do about it πŸ˜‰

      He he he, by the time The Hubster got up and we got to breakfast I was well ready for my bacon πŸ˜‰



      • You know I wish you hadn’t talk about bacon. lol … oh I so miss UK bacon… my mouths watering and all I have is a poor streaky smoky imitation.:)
        Before moving to Brazil I had a pub near Ulverston, you’re so right it does rain, a lot, but when the sun did shine, it was glorious. The internet here works when it feels like it, but it has been so bad recently (since the protests started, coincidence?) … hardly managed to get any work done and the email back log is a killer, good luck!


      • Awwwww Maggie, your bacon sounds, immmm, lovely! lol πŸ˜‰

        Oh, yes Ulveston! We didnt make it there this time, but we will when we go back πŸ™‚

        Thanks honey, good luck to you too!



  3. Vikki, glad you had a chance to wind down from the noise of or modern world. Look forward to the post about Wordsworth as he is one of my fav poets.

    I am in the submission stage with my first mystery and doing 20 pages a day on the rewrite and edits of the second books. This week I will also do some work on a series of short I might publish myself later this year and of course, my weeklyn blog post. Good writing and keep your eye on the finish line !!


  4. I have been to Wordsworth’s house a few years ago. I would love to visit Beatrix Potter’s House, you will have to tell us all about it, and in a detailled writery way.


  5. I am not sure I could have handled the intermittent internet and mobile phone connections. I’d be itching to write up a travel article. I’d probably draw to wile away my anguish.


  6. You have some of the most incredible places to visit…especially some of the literary greats. πŸ™‚ Beatrix Potter is near and dear my heart. My daughter was given a book of those tales when she was young. I have fond memories of reading so many of them to her.


    • I know Sabrina, we do πŸ™‚

      Awwww, yes, my kids had a set of her books. It was quite sad going round the shop and not being able to buy anything as we don’t have any young children in the family now.



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