Writing Blogger Challenge – Day 1

I must admit, I’ve been thinking my blog is/was a little stale recently. So this morning when I was reading blogs and having a major catch up I noticed that one of my favourite bloggers, Hunter Emkay is hosting a Writing Blogger Challenge which will run for 10 days. Ok, well that sounds interesting.

So I’ve signed up 🙂 (you know me, I like to be stretched lol).


So today is Day 1 of the challenge and the prompt is…

Introduce your latest writing project with an elevator pitch or maximum 250 words.

Now you all know everything about two of my novels (Still & Tangled) but I have a 3rd one lol. During Nano last year I decided to write, or rather, try to write a Mills and Boon novel *sniggers* I managed it, but, in just under 22,000 words, which is well short of the 50,000 that is required. So it will need some major editing, I need to add more angst, and add two sex scenes *blush*

So here is my 250 word pitch for Sorrento Sunrise

Kate works for a travel magazine and when her boss asks her to visit a hotel in Sorrento to interview the owner, little does she know that the sexy, dark Italian will become more than just another assignment.

After a hellish journey and mistaking him for a bellboy, Damiano initially thinks that Kate is a typical arrogant journalist, but he soon changes his mind as they get to know each other intimately on the hotels private beach and over the course of her stay.

Damiano asks Kate to meet him in the bar on her last night where he is planning to ask her to stay on, but when Kate arrives she see’s him with another woman and flees back to England.

Damiano tries to contact Kate but she refuses to speak to him or respond to his e mails, having now researched him online and discovering the string of Italian models he’s been photographed with over the last few years. Already having arrangements to visit London Damiano goes to Kates house with a huge bouquet of roses but as he gets out of the taxi he see’s her hugging a man who is holding a toddler.

Angry, and thinking he has been lied to he continues with his business in London, the purchase of a new hotel and decides to get on with his life, trying to forget about Kate.

Several months pass and Kate is given an assignment to attend a new London hotel opening. She is shocked and embarrassed when the owner gets up on a podium to make a speech and it is Damiano. Their eyes meet and Damiano realises that he can’t get on with his life unless Kate explains herself. Having traditional family values he is shocked that she could have been the way she was in Sorrento knowing her husband and child were waiting at home.

After a small “scene” at the party Damiano finally manages to drag Kate to his office and demands an explanation. Kate is shocked and after explaining that the child is hers but she is a widow and that the man was her brother Damiano feels an idiot. But Kate doesn’t let him off the hook easily. She demands to know who the woman was that she saw him draped all over in the bar. Damiano explains that she was his cousin.

Ha ha ha….that’s 394 words and I haven’t even told you how it ends! But it is a Mills and Boon, so I’m sure you know lol

Oh well, I think I’m gunna need to work on that.

Any guesses as to how it ends? 😉

20 thoughts on “Writing Blogger Challenge – Day 1

  1. It ends with a hunky chap rescuing you from that elevator as if you get to say all that it must have got stuck! You can cut it down though I’m sure.


  2. Ooooh gotta love sexy Italians 😀 I’m going to hazard a wild guess and say that the story ends with them declaring their love for each other and proceeding straight to the bedroom for some long-awaited make up sexy times.


  3. I’m assuming a Mills and Boon is something like Harlequin here. Good set up, but I would resist having Damiano (love the name by the way, ever read R.A. MacAvoy? Great fantasy series – Damiano’s Lute, but I digress) think Kate is typically anything. He can think that she’s arrogant or whatever, but don’t let her fall into any stereotypes. You also have to do something with the “several months pass” part. They have to have contact during that time … somehow. Or you could have them both entangled in other, quite obviously wrong, relationships in those intervening months, constantly thinking how the passion, etc. pales in comparison to what they felt for each other. Finally, with Sorrento Sunrise in the title, I would think that they end up back in Sorrento and in the sack 😉 by the end.
    I’ve had several people suggest that I cut my novelist’s teeth on romance. It teaches one how to write quickly and to a structure, and so prepares you for the writing life.
    About the sex scenes, I suspect you’re like me and a little uncomfortable with them. This will come through in your writing so get some practice. I find I’m either so subtle that readers get confused as to what’s actually happening, or so graphic that the passage is considered errotica 😛 Haven’t found my happy medium yet. This project sounds like a lot of fun! Might be just the thing you need to get back on the writing horse.


    • Thanks Mel 🙂

      Yeah, it needs A LOT of work lol…. Maybe one day I’ll work on it again.

      They’re a lot harder to write than you think they are, so intense! 😉

      Oh gawd yes! I haven’t written one yet. At the moment the 2 places where there are sex scenes are just the words “SEX SCENE” *sniggers*

      Yes, it was fun to write, thanks honey 🙂



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