Writing Blogger Challenge Day 3


Today’s prompt is:

Introduce yourself with your writing bio.

Hmmmm, well in the past I’ve just done a jokey one, for guest blogging etc. so perhaps it’s about time I went serious lol.

I decided to go for 3rd person, but, if this was in a query letter I would write it in 1st 🙂

Vikki Thompson is a writer who lives in Kent with her husband, children and pets.

A recent graduate from the Faber Academy she is a New Writers Scheme member of the Romantic Novelists Association and member of several writing groups.

In her spare time she enjoys Blogging (where she often shares pieces of short fiction), reading, journalling and attending the Swanwick writers school every year.

Oh dear, how boring is that! I don’t have any publications to talk about, no competitions I’ve won, and nothing to brag about lol.

Any tips on how I could make it more interesting? Have you got an “author bio”? I’d love to see it if you do 🙂

25 thoughts on “Writing Blogger Challenge Day 3

    • Ahhhhh, yeah, you are totally right Bridget, thank you 🙂

      I didn’t really think you could have an element of humour in it if you were sending it in a query letter, but I guess they want to see your personality.



  1. Not in the least boring Vikki but perhaps missing the essential jokey you. There’s no harm in a bit of humour since you’re not writing the bio for any dry publications. Perhaps you could mention your books? ie Now on her fifth book after writing four bodice rippers previously………
    XX Hugs to you xxx


  2. this is several years old and should be revised.

    Susan Koenig started writing fiction when she retired in 2009. It now has become almost an addiction, fueled by the amazing writers she has met online. Writing became a vehicle for meeting new and interesting people who she never would have met otherwise. Their support, encouragement and knowledge further induced her into discovering many writing avenues. As a result, her stories continue to evolve. Sue’s characters are a constant source of companionship and they all hope to make it into one of her (published) stories some day.
    She is an occasional poet and regular contributor to a monthly Haiku site, as well as a consistent participant on the blog challenge, Blogophilia, which weekly tests her creativity. Her poetry has been featured in a local online literary magazine.
    Her home isSouthwestern Ontario,Canada, where, when not writing, she and her camera take junkets to explore new inspirations for incorporation into her writing.


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