Must Do’s 22nd to 27th July

Ok, well i for one am fed up with the hot weather lol. I’m not a sun lover for starters. pale and pasty that’s me πŸ˜‰

So last week I felt a bit meh and I think that’s related in the To Do list. Last week I was supposed to:

1. Post Tangled. YAY, it’s gone!

2. Do Artists Way stuff. Yep!

3. Start decluttering cupboard under stairs. Couldn’t face it.

4. Finish packing kitchen & dining room. *shakes head*

5. Sort out drawing class and enrol. Well, I found one, but, bloody hell soooo expensive! 😦 I need to find out if I can pay in instalments before I commit.

This week is gunna be hectic (and another hot one) so the diary looks like this:

I’ll definitely need my Boxing Day come Sunday πŸ˜‰

So what are your plans for the week?

20 thoughts on “Must Do’s 22nd to 27th July

  1. Decluttering can be such a hassle. After helping my parents move earlier this year, I realized how desperately I need to declutter, too. We’ve pulled together a few things to donate and also got a new shoe shelf (he’s only using a third of it — my shoes fill up the other two thirds! A girl needs her shoes!), but it’s not nearly enough. One step at a time, I suppose…


  2. I read no.4 as ‘finish packing Kitten’ :-/ lol my only plan this week is to try and wrap up the first draft of Project Apollo and then start typing up all of what I’ve had written for it.


  3. I’m not a lover of this heat so I’ll be hiding away most oft the week. At least I’m glad the children will see the summer sunshine for part of their school break ( which are too long. When are they changing them?) On Friday I’m being collected to visit with my Sister-in-law and her husband (Mu Jo), a visit I’ve been trying to dodge for a while. I’ll have to take my laptop and see if I can get it working there as they spend most of their evenings asleep on the couch. Maybe this is where I get my mojo ( whatever one is) back again.
    I hope your to do list this week doesn’t remove all time to be yourself.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  4. I thought Tangled had gone already? I don’t blame you for not facing under the cupboard under the stairs though – I have a similar war of attrition going on with my kitchen cupboard.
    This week I’m on holiday – so lots of writing, at least that was the plan until WordPress started refusing to display certain pages. Need to sort that out first.
    Enjoy the weather.


  5. I’ve got two days before my daughter breaks up from school so I’m going to catch up on emails, blogs, and set up some blog posts for the summer πŸ™‚ Yesterday I had a massive sort out of cupboards etc, something I’d been putting off for ages. It’s funny because I was feeling quite rough (some kind of tummy bug) and it was the only thing I felt like doing! One of those potter about because you can’t face anything else kind of days. I think decluttering is a job you can only do when you’re in the mood, so don’t force it. xxx


    • Thanks Jo πŸ™‚

      Wow sounds like a busy week!

      Hope you’re feeling better honey (((((hugs)))))

      Ah, yes, catch up with blog posts….I always seem to be behind at the moment *sighs*



  6. Hot here too. I’m ready for fall already. I’m just having a relaxing writing week…doing fun things like poems and short little non-fiction stories. Reading more about writing personal essays as well.


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