Writing Blogger Challenge Day 5


Today’s prompt is:

Show off 3 of your best blog posts (with links!)

Oooo, this is hard, how do I know which were my best? Ok, shall I go on views? Comments?

Ok, well the most views I had to a post was this one:
What I Learnt From 9 Hours of The Lord of The Rings
I guess it was all those Tolkien fans 😉

The most comments on a post goes to this one:
Insecure Writers July 2012
Not sure why lol

But one of my favourite posts was:
Generating Titles
I really enjoyed writing that post because coming up with titles is probably one of my favourite parts of writing. I have pages and pages of them in my notebooks lol

Wow, ok, so it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Hope you enjoyed the blast from the past, I did 🙂

Happy for you to share your best posts in the comments below, just leave a link so I can go see 🙂

7 thoughts on “Writing Blogger Challenge Day 5

  1. I love looking back on old posts and yes, how do you decide which are most popular? By views or comments? My higher views tend to be when I see the post being retweeted a fair bit, so I can see it is popular, but high comments mean you’ve struck a chord enough for people to want to say something about it. An interesting question. And great to look back at your older posts 🙂


    • Thanks Rebecca 🙂

      I couldn’t find the bit that shows you your top posts in my stats lol

      Personally, I prefer comments to views because when you get loads of views you just KNOW most of those people won’t come back 😉



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