Writing Blogger Challenge Day 10

Awwwww, that’s it! Today is the last day 😦


Today’s prompt is:

List 5 top blog posts from fellow participants in this challenge. Link to them, and say why you enjoyed them.

Oh, now that’s not fair 😦 How am I expected to choose! Plus, I’m so behind as usual that I probably won’t finish reading everyone’s post til the end of the week lol

Every day Hunter has been giving us a choice of 2 prompts to choose from, so today, I’m going for the 2nd prompt, which is…

Donate to a worthy cause or fellow writer.

I love this idea! πŸ™‚

Well I always try to support my fellow writers (in any way i can) but I’ve been a bit lapse recently 😦 So today I will purchase some Kindle books by writers who I know or who’s blogs I follow. I have just bought:

Make Believe

100 Ways To Fight The Flab

Anyone For Murder?

The Wrong Man

One Day For Me

Now I feel all warm and fuzzy and have another 5 books to add to the To Be Read pile *snigger* If The Hubster is reading this, sorry honey, but look at it this way, they’re not actual books πŸ˜‰

Do you support your fellow writers by buying their eBooks?

19 thoughts on “Writing Blogger Challenge Day 10

  1. Ha! I too hide the fact that I’ve bought books by buying e books. Shame that’s over, I was enjoying learning more about your writing.


  2. I don’t have an e reader I’ve tried reading on my computer but just doesn’t work. So I indeed support my writing buddies by buying their books if they publish in paper. I also read books reccomended on friends’s blogs


  3. When the funds are available I try to. I like when the authors put links to their books in their posts. If it’s one that catches my interest, then it’s easy to add it to my amazon wish list. I still love real paper books, but am growing to love my kindle. I like the immediate access to books I want to read, being able to carry a whole lot of books in one tiny device, and books perfectly bookmarked at the last place I was when I shut the device down. One day I’d like to get one of the lit up ones I think or maybe one in color, so I could even read magazines on it.


  4. I’ve recently bought the two ebooks by friends of mine, but am taking rather a long time reading them, as I don’t have a kindle and have had to download them on to my mobile phone. Fortunately, some of my friends are soon getting published in print, to make my life easier. I think it is good to support people you know by purchasing their work. Sometimes people make the assumption that anyone they “actually” know, can’t possibly have written a book good enough to be worth reading. That’s crap.

    I’m glad, Vikki, you support your fellow writers. It’s the right thing to do πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Sarah πŸ™‚

      I try to πŸ˜‰

      Yeah, I do worry that the writers I know who’s books I’ve downloaded think I don’t like them, because it takes me AGES to get to the Kindle books….I prefer REAL books any day πŸ™‚



      • Yes, REAL books. I still can’t think of Kindle books as real, which is why I remain determined to find a traditional publisher.

        I’m becoming quite disappointed by my monthly subscription journal, Writers’ News and my Writing Magazine, because both carry more and more stuff about self-publishing, while they have less and less about traditional publishing. And all the members’ news is about plugging their self-published novels. I’m considering cancelling my subscription, as I’m not finding it very encouraging that the editor seems to have given up on the idea of his readers going down the traditional route.

        Someone, somewhere will hate me for my moan, but it’s how I feel D:


  5. I try to Vikki but like you, my to read pile is huge. If you see me on one of those episodes of Buried Alive, you know what happened.


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  7. Hey fellow writer! I’m sorry that i haven’t been by your page in a while. I need to get better at that. I finished the challenge and I was so happy to actually finish something, lol. I’m usually profilic, but with life happening lately, I really wasn’t feeling it, you know? Anyway, I donated money through my Sorority to the American Cancer Society for my Day 10. Which was pretty awesome being as though I’m always broke. Such a starving artist I am!


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