Swanwick Day 2 – #swanwick65

Firstly, I must apologise for being so behind in replying to your comments. I’ve got a couple of free hours on Tuesday so will catch up then.

I was up early, as ever this morning, so I sat on a bench with my cup of tea and did some writing 🙂

My first session this morning was with James Moran (can you tell I’ve got the iPad working now lol) and was a session on Screenwriting. So many people have said to me I should consider writing scripts, but I’m scared shitless! 😉 James makes it sound so easy. His class was very informative, and he’s a man after my own heart, believing that, when you’re writing don’t look back over what you’ve written, get to the end before you start editing!

After a short break for tea it was off to a class in Literary Fiction with Alexa Radcliffe-Hart where we did a fantastic exercise that stemmed from a prompt we were given. I ended up creating a character who was paralysed in a hospital.

Lunch (roast beef of course!) and then more Screenwriting followed by a workshop with the lovely Marion Hough entitled Promoting Your Work. Ok, so I’m not published, but I still found it interesting! I didn’t realise Waterstones (here in the UK) will take your self published books but take 40% of the sale price as a fee. Worth it or not I wonder?

A FaceBook party on the lawn was the highlight of the day…putting faces to names was wonderful 🙂

Fish and chips for dinner and then a talk by Syd Moore who was absolutely fascinating as she explained her inspiration for her books and gave us background info on her research. I love the idea of taking a real life event and fictionalising it.


Right, I’m off to the Buskers night in a sec….it goes on until 12.30, but I’m not too sure I’ll make it to the end 😉

15 thoughts on “Swanwick Day 2 – #swanwick65

  1. All great advice. Yes, I agree, when we’re writing, we should make ourselves just go go go go, without looking back until the end of the story. Always time to edit after, but we should let our muse run free while we’re writing. And I just taught a creative writing class about fictionalizing a real event in our lives. So much fun, because we can embellish, and we can decide how the story ends. 🙂


    • He didn’t really teach us HOW to write a script Sue. He recommended scriptwriting software, to,d us to download and read as many as we could, and told us all about how he got into it, the problems he’s encountered, all the rewrites he has to do and what to expect if our s riots get taken up by a production company.



  2. Don’t worry about falling behind on your comments. It’s only to be expected. What you should worry about are revenge attacks from those who didn’t get roast beef today… I’m mentioning no names mind you. Carry on enjoying yourself and gleaning all the great information you share.
    xxx Huge xxx


  3. Interesting about Waterstones and the self publishing thing. I suppose it depends why you’re writing and what your long term plan is. (I’m very into those at the moment). Glad to see they’re feeding you well too.


    • Thanks Pauline 🙂

      I guess because I’ve used Nano to write all 3 of my books I find it very easy not to go back. Trouble is they are such a message the end that the editing is then too overwhelming lol



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