Swanwick Day 3 – #swanwick65

Up at 6.15 this morning, which was shocking, because I didn’t go to bed until 12.30 (went to the buskers night) so I’ve spent most of today feeling like a zombie lol…but, it was nice sitting doing some writing this morning, so peaceful….

The day started with a class on Editing with agent Meg Davis. Really interesting, as Meg went through all the processes you need to take to get your novel up to the stage where it’s ready to submit to an agent/publisher. She used the analogy that your novel is like bringing up a child, from conception, birth and onto being 18 where you let it out into the world. I learnt a lot.

Next it was back to Literary Novels with Alexa, where I partnered Kate McCormick (aka Elizabeth Ducie….who is also blogging daily on her Swanwick experience) for interviewing our characters. Pretty difficult for me, as the character I had created was in a hospital bed and could only move her eyes LOL πŸ˜‰

After lunch I went to Katherine Boltons talk on Nano which was interesting. Katherine covered everything I would have done in the hour and even had time for an exercise where we had to write down 3 Nano ideas (which I did). Haven’t changed my mind though for what I’ll be working on this year!

A walk round the Lake…

Then dinner and a talk by Michael O’Byrne. Michael was a Chief Inspector for the Metropolitan Police in London and was full of funny stories and anecdotes.

Last event of the evening…Writers Quiz….we scored 26 out of 40, thanks to Kate, Carol, and Jayne, although I did know a few of the answers, it’s just a shame I talked Carol out of a couple of right answers lol.

They’re all off now partying in the disco, while I’m back in my room. I’m bloody exhausted!

A more relaxed day tomorrow, hopefully, so I should get time to catch up online….HA HA HA! πŸ˜‰

Tired, homesick, but happy, and hey, I’ve got my one to one with Meg tomorrow *gulp* Wish me luck!

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