Oh, this is excellent!

Thanks to Hunter Emkay (see, I told you you should follow her blog) for the link to this….

Do you think you write better or are more productive when you sit in a coffee shop? Well now, you can bring the coffee shop environment to your home…..

Just click the link below, press play and off you go!


Do you find yourself being more productive in a coffee shop? Sometimes I am but other times I just get distracted lol

28 thoughts on “Coffitivity?

  1. I think if I wrote in a coffee shop I’d just spend all my time eating cake. I have been tempted to take my lap top away to a hotel for the weekend though. No one would be able to find and interupt me there.


    • Ahhhhh, yeah, good point! What we tend to do at the Nano write ins Lin is have sprints. So we’ll say, right, 20 minutes, put the timer on and write. Then we have a break, time to chat etc, and go again. It seems to work really well ๐Ÿ™‚



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  3. I can’t concentrate at all when people are chattering around me, probably because my ears are out on stalks! Must have silence from people for writing, but the singing of birds is fine. Don’t know how JK Rowling penned the Harry Potter novels in a coffee shop, although I doubt she did her edits there, too.


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