Turn Your Living Room Into A Coffee Shop

I’m passionate about Nano “Write Ins” 🙂 A group of writers, in a coffee shop (pub, bar, open space) all sitting hunched over their laptops, trying to write as many words as possible during a 15 or 20 minute writing sprint. Trust me, it really does work (I’m going to one tonight!) and we have continued with these sprints, “virtually” on our Facebook group since last November.

But if you really want a bit more atmosphere and can’t get out to one of your local “write in’s”…

…you can use this great bit of kit to make you feel like you’re out and about.

iSerenity is a bit like Coffitivity but you can choose between different locations.

I like the idea of recreating rain when it’s dry. There’s just something about writing, sitting near a window, watching the rain run down the glass 🙂

Curtesy of Christian Southworth @ freedigitalphotos

Although here in the UK, at the moment, we really don’t need an App to recreate the sound of rain lol
If you could recreate any sound to write to, what would it be?

22 thoughts on “Turn Your Living Room Into A Coffee Shop

  1. I would recreate the sound of waves coming in to the beach. that’s my dream location to write in. A shack by the beach where i can watch the sea and write away. may be, some day!


  2. A violent thunderstorm for scary writing or trickling water for romance. Perhaps clattering dishes for a kitchen-sink drama, with a crying baby thrown in, (not in the sink, lol.) Different types of music make excellent writing prompts. Thanks for reminding me of these Vikki.
    love Sue X


    • Ahhhh, yeah, I know a lot of writers who do Bridgina. Do you prefer instrumental stuff? I can’t listen to music with lyrics as I end up singing along and forgetting what I was writing lol



  3. I agree with Bharti – waves on a beach. Although I’d kill just to have a desk at the moment. Stupid decorating.


  4. Yes, I agree with a place on the beach. Nothing better than hearing the sound of waves on the shore. As for rain, we’ve had it bad here in Norfolk, but at least today it was dry. 😉


      • Yes, and the songs have played so many times as to become only a stimulus. I chose them because the man’s song is hard, cynical, yet full of hidden longing, like my character.

        The woman’s song is soft, yet ambitious just like my heroine, and the lyrics talk about a woman like her, beautiful on the outside, trying to find it on the inside.

        I find it much easier to switch now, between the two 🙂 , and remember each voice.

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