Do You Struggle Keeping Track of Your Story Timeline?

Writer Wendy Clark (well her husband actually) has created a FREE downloadable Story Timeline that will help you keep track.

I think it was last year December that I originally shared this resource on my blog, but now, Mr Wendy has updated it!

Wendy’s Story Timeline is brilliant, and in Version 2 there is a date of birth calculator, so you now have no excuse to ever get confused on what year your character got married (and suddenly realising she couldn’t possibly have married that year because she would have been 12! Lol).


Edited to add: Wendy says “To download, click on file then download on the left. Don’t click red download box as this doesn’t work.”

How do you usually keep track of your story timeline?

33 thoughts on “Do You Struggle Keeping Track of Your Story Timeline?

  1. This looks extremely useful. I had multiple timelines to keep up with in my last novel because it was a historical piece that spanned many years. It was quite a task. I will look into this. Thanks 🙂


  2. It looks useful. I can’t download the file though 😦 For the novella series I ended up having to take a huge piece of butcher paper and make a grid to keep up with where everyone was on what day. Tedious, but it was the easiest, fastest solution I could come up with. If I ever have a convoluted story, I’ll probably resort to genealogy trees, lol.


  3. Hey Vicki, I checked it out and I couldn’t wait to tell you how grateful I am that you shared this! This is truly brilliant AND free. I have Microsoft Office 2010, so it downloaded fine. I am so excited, can’t wait to try it out. I may be up until morning 🙂 You have managed to get me connected extremely well in the short time I have known you…first the Scrivener course, now this piece of genius You are a dear {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}


  4. Hi Vikki. Thanks for sharing Wendy’s Story Timeline again. We hope that it will get your readers out of a lot of timeline muddles! Lease note – click file and download button on left NOT red download button x


  5. Ha! this is exactly what caught me out in the last instalment of my Trilogy. Counting back in years produced different results from counting back in ages owing to ‘off schedule’ birthdays. Great resource ~ pity I didn’t have it handy at the time. I basically did exactly what’s advertised… just on paper. LOL!


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